October 27, 2011

Vic Mahfood

UniQPass Pro-Secure Password Manager & Photo Wallet

Developer Quote: "Keep your credit cards, passwords, and other personal information at your fingertips."

- COST: $1.99    - APP STORE STARS: 3
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I've recently kept a paper copy of all the club, membership and credit cards in my wallet - this in case my wallet is ever stolen. And, yes, that has happened once before at a gym! What a hassle it was back then to remember everything in my wallet as I had not yet begun my paper copies habit. Even better than that method now, however, is UniQPass Pro-Secure Password Manager & Photo Wallet. This app allows you to securely enter data into your device where it is easily, but securely, accessible at any time. In addition, if you register online at UniQPass Windows version, which is now free, you can sync to your iDevice.

Basically, with UniQPass, you enter important card information (any type card normally kept in your wallet), and UniQPass encrypts and saves your info in the cloud where you can access it at any time, from anywhere. UniQPass uses powerful and secure 256-bit AES encryption which is of prime importance to me. Another handy feature is that the Auto-Sync feature enables you to access your updated data on all your devices right away. As your information is kept in the cloud, this means when you reset your device (as happens on occasion), you won’t need to retype your data and all files will be restored! If you like, you can use Instant Capture to take a photo of your cards as a convenient way to store their details without typing them in. Here are some of the super convenient and useful features of UniQPass Pro-Secure Password Manager & Photo Wallet:

- Ultra secure: 256-bit AES encryption technology to protect your data in the local device, cloud server, and even during the data transmission.

- Instant Capture: UniQPass allows you to capture and store images of your cards into the photo library so you can always use it as an image associated with your card.

- Auto-Sync and backup: Just logon to your account and you will instantly get access to all the data you need on your devices. Even when you reset the device, UniQPass will automatically restore your data for you. It allows you to synchronize your data with a cloud server so you can access it anywhere, anytime, on any device, via Wi-Fi, 3G or GPRS.

- Store Important Information: Stores and protects your credit card or membership details from any unauthorized access, keeping your information secret and safe.

- Pre-defined Templates: UniQPass lets you choose from 22 different themes and folder types to make your E-wallet more interesting, fun and personal.

- Flexible Organizer: UniQPass allows you to create and rename your own category according to your individual preferences.

- Cross Platform Support: UniQPass supports iPhone, iPad, Android Smartphone and tablet, Windows PC.

I opened the app and registered my e-mail and password. I was looking for instructions, but was not able to find them. However, my poor brain was able to figure out the input method. Once registered, you will find 2 folders labeled Quick Start and Samples. I ignored these and instead tapped the + button in top right of the screen to make my own Credit Card, Memberships and other Category List folders. Once my Credit Card folder was ready, I tapped the + sign again then chose the type credit card I was planning to enter. (There are many sample template pictures from which you can choose to match your card type).

Next, I tapped the first icon (I think it represents a padlock), entered the name of my credit card and lastly used each of the Details, Picture and Comment buttons at the bottom of the screen. The Picture button allows you to take a picture of your card, or use one from your photo library. The Details button gives you several fields to fill in with your card data, if you wish. Comments is for any particular notes you care to add to the card data. Once all information was entered and saved, I then tapped the sync (double arrow) button to save it to the cloud so I could access it from my computer while on the road, if necessary. Word of caution - after inputting your cards, be sure to go back to the app Logon Screen before exiting since if app sits in multi-tasking tray on data page, anyone could access your info.

I did go online and register for UniQPass so I could have web access. Like the app, all that is required is e-mail and password. Sure enough, the info I had just entered in my iPhone appeared on my computer! It's wonderful how organized you can become with tools like these that also give you peace of mind. I have two words to describe this photo wallet app, "Super Handy"!

COOL CONCLUSION: "Let UniQPass Pro-Secure Password Manager & Photo Wallet organize your wallet to keep all your cards, notes and membership info handy, accessible and secure."
--Date/Version: Updated 8/19/11 - Version
--iOS/Age Rating:  This app requires iOS 4.0 or later. Rated 4+.
--Special Note: UniQPass Lite is also available on the App Store for Free.
--Device: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad
--Developer Link: Unique Pass Pro

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