July 28, 2011

Vic Mahfood

Roxie's Doors

Developer Quote: "The award-winning storybook Doors, by Roxie Munro, is now available as a lift the flap 3-D search book."
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A while ago, we wrote about an excellent children's app called Roxie's A-MAZE-ing Vacation Adventure. What differentiated this app was the huge attention to details and animations, along with superb children's graphics. We were very happy to see another book in the Roxie line appear on the App Store this week. Again, you and your children will enjoy super graphics, animation, interactivity and adventure with the all-new Roxie's Doors.

With Roxie's Doors, your child may read to himself or herself, if possible. Otherwise, the narrator will read the story beautifully. The theme of this book is that a child and his dog are entering a world of fantasy which is hidden behind 9 doors (otherwise known in physical books as peek-a-boo flaps)! The scene behind each door is totally different and deals with a unique setting. Scenes include a Firehouse, Train, Barn, Boathouse, Fridge, Space Rocket, Actor's Closet, Mechanic's Garage and Doctor's Office. Some of the magical features of Roxie's Doors are as follows:

- A beautiful 3-D experience with hand drawn graphics
- Text in rhyme, read to you by the author
- Option to read the book yourself
- Tilt the screen and reveal hidden corners of the screen
- Over 100 animated objects
- Challenge children to stimulate their curiosity

As you progress through the book, you will open one door at a time to enjoy reading in rhyme. All pages encourage the reader to look for objects and "and an apple, too!" In every scene, kids will see familiar and new items that will delight and teach them as they look for certain objects. As you discover each object, it will chime and glow. In fact, throughout this storybook, you will be able to find and animate over 100 hidden items! Look for them in drawers, cabinets and chests by tapping those items. Increase children's vocabulary by searching for those highlighted words that are illustrated.

A couple of my favorite scenes are the the firetruck where the fireman slides down the pole, and you can hear the fire house sirens and see the lights flashing on the fire truck. I also enjoyed the actor's clothes closet where an old trunk opens to colorful accessories, you can hear the cat purr and open a door to see an actress getting ready. The real amazing scene to me, though, is the train where you can see the train actually sway from side to side as you are standing in the threshold of the door. Unzip the luggage overhead if you dare!

This book is designed to absorb your child and his natural curiosity with many sounds and sights. What makes it more engrossing for this age group are the rhyming words which have a sing-song quality. At any time, swipe down on the red Pull tag on top of your display to see all the doors through which you may venture. You may also turn off the narration and sounds here, if you choose. Tap the right and left arrows to move forwards and backwards through the story. The mystery and excitement of hidden adventures in Roxie's Doors will pique and enthrall your child's interest no end!

COOL CONCLUSION: "Roxie's Doors is a fascinating peek-a-boo book of discovery that will enthrall and teach your child with gorgeous illustrations and settings."
--Date/Version: Released 7/24/11 - Version 1.0
--iOS/Age Rating:  This app requires iOS 3.2 or later. Rated 4+.
--Note: This app is a large file, and will take some time to download.
--Device: iPad
--Developer Link: OCG Studios

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