July 18, 2011

Vic Mahfood

Tips & Tricks For Your Device: [Data Roaming Overseas]

Tips and Tricks For Your Device may teach you something new, or remind you of a neat function you've forgotten about on your cool device!


HOW TO AVOID DATA ROAMING ChARGES OVERSEAS - You have an overseas trip planned this year. Of course, you need to have your phone handy at the airports (which probably have WiFi) while waiting around in both cities . Also, you may be able to use WiFi in your hotel or home you're going to stay in. Still, for the rest of the time, you don't want to have your Data Roaming picking up every signal and data package thus costing you a fortune and a shock when you get home to a nasty bill! How can you prevent this very costly expense?

Well, I can certainly answer this for you as I've been snagged a couple times by not being diligent with Data Roaming. First of all, you can usually purchase a Global Data Roaming package when you go overseas. This can be costly and range from $60 to $200. The first time I did this I purchased the lowest $60 package. Bzzzzt....not enough at all, ran out of Data half way through the trip between blogging, Facebook, tweeting, emailing, you name it. The 2nd trip I thought I'd be smart and get the $100 package. Double Bzzzzztttt....somehow although this should have been enough, I'd forgotten to deal with my Data Roaming toggle. So my advice to you is that even though we are explaining how to avoid this expensive issue, the final due diligence is up to you to make sure your toggles are off when you think they are. Here's what I mean.

On your iPhone go to Settings / General / Network / Cellular Data, and toggle OFF. Do the same for Data Roaming here. Additionally, put your device in Airplane Mode from Settings so you do not get international calls (unless you purchased a package, of course). You can turn on Wi-Fi when available at the airport, hotel or at a friend's home for data.

My slip was that, I started off with my Data toggles off. Still, because I had purchased a Global Data plan, I was constantly toggling Data off and on so I could use it when needed. Thus even when I was in a WiFi location, my phone was using costly Data (because it was left running) instead of free WiFi. Thus I ran out of Data. To top it off, I forgot to toggle my data off at night or any other time when I did not need to use it. Extremely costly mistakes due to my own negligence are the type that make me see red. You can avoid all that aggravation by learning from my mistakes! Happy travels!


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