August 27, 2011

Vic Mahfood

LogMeIn Ignition

Developer Quote: "Remotely control your PC or Mac, plus view, transfer and save files or folders – all with a single app on your iPad or iPhone."

- COST: $14.99     - APP STORE STARS: 5
- Categories: Lifestyle, Native, Productivity, Universal, Utilities
LogMeIn software has been around for quite a while. Its origins began with remotely accessing information from one computer to another. For example, needing files from your work computer while at home. This certainly has saved many an employee's job when assignment deadlines were imperative. Alternately, it has been a source of personal use when wanting to access your home computer from work perhaps during your lunch hour break. Now you can use LogMeIn Ignition from your iPhone or iPad while on the road, or even from another room in your home to access data from your Mac or PC. Using WiFi or 3G both work well with this app.

There are many different functions you can perform with LogMeIn software installed on your computer. However, these functions vary greatly on what type of account you have installed. This company offers Free and Pro accounts. If you purchase this app while it is on sale at $14.99, you must install either of the above options on your computer. I find the Pro account too pricey for my own needs, although travelers and business people may make good use from it. Using the Free account is sufficient for me.

That being said, here is an excerpt on the main differences of these 2 accounts: "The free version is 100% free and will not expire. There is no limit to the number of computers on which you can install LogMeIn Free. However, with LogMeIn Free, you can only utilize the Remote Control feature." In essence, this will allow one to: open files, check your email, run programs, and run system diagnostics. You will, however, receive a trial of LogMeIn Pro2 when signing up for a new account. Ignition is a one-time purchase that runs on both your iPad and iPhone. Some of the dual account Free & Pro features of this iPhone and iPad Productivity app are as follows:

Access your information
• Access your home and work computers anytime, anywhere.
• Control your Mac or PC as if you’re sitting right in front of it.
• Use applications and edit files directly on your computer.

Manage your files
• Copy and view files that reside on your computer directly on your iPad or iPhone.
• Update the files and folders saved to your iPad or iPhone with a single touch.
• Transfer files between multiple computers with ease.

Get stuff done
• Run the applications you need, whether on a PC or Mac.
• Fix computer problems remotely for business or personal IT.
• Take your files with you over Wi-Fi/3G, and leave the computer behind.

Remote Control
• Intuitive and flexible control modes
• Multi-monitor support
• Supports use of special key combinations
• Start a sleeping computer with Wake-On-LAN

File Manager
• Browse all your files and folders on remote computers
• Create a local folder and filing system on iPad or iPhone
• Transfer files and folders between remote computers with your iPad or iPhone
• Save PC and Mac files directly on an iPad or iPhone for offline viewing
• Directly access and transfer photos from/to your iPad or iPhone photo library
• Update locally saved files with changes made on remote computers
• Edit files using other apps (requires file editing apps)
• Print to AirPrint-compatible printers

There is always a feeling of relief to be able to be able to access important information when you are away from it. Peace of mind has no price tag. That being said, you will have to consider which type of account would best suit your needs. Using it on iPad is obviously a great experience having the larger screen with which to work. The app works well with its remote access, is well organized, powerful and quite easy to use. It is also great while traveling on vacation or business.
COOL CONCLUSION: "LogMeIn Ignition is a helpful tool that becomes almost indispensable by being able to access your computer while on the go."
--Date/Version: Updated 7/11/11 - Version 2.1.299
--iOS/Age Rating:  This app requires iOS 3.0 or later. Rated 4+.
--Device: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad
--Developer Link: LogMeIn

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