September 22, 2011

Vic Mahfood

25 Awesome iPhone Apps for Online College Students (-Tech Reads)

We are always looking to simplify searches particular groups of people make for specific apps. To this end, we are posting today a guest article by entitled 25 Awesome iPhone Apps for Online College Students. Students can make magnificent use of app offerings that cover so many educational subjects. Apps are not just for entertainment, you know!

The list directly below contains free apps and is continued on the original site where you will also find the paid apps that complete this article. The full list of 25 apps will be found under the link at the bottom of this page:

1. Dragon Dictation: Anyone can type a memo, note, or random thought into their iPhone. However, this free and amazing app actually lets you speak into your iPhone and convert it directly into text for everything from email messages to blog posts. Even if both hands are busy, your mouth is free to continue utilizing all of your iPhone capabilities.

2. Evernote: One of the classics is still the best. This app lets you do everything from scribbling notes on your iPhone to taking pictures of old fashioned ones and even capturing text. You can also send notes to your computer, laptop, and other users. Premium accounts with extra features are available at a 50 percent discount for qualifying schools.

3. CourseSmart: Whether looking to save trees or lighten your carrying load, electronictextbooks are all the rage. Use this app to make the most of them with your iPhone. Store, navigate, and study like never before.

4. Merriam Webster Dictionary: Ditch that clunky dictionary for a free one that is just as good. The experts at Merriam Webster have been leading the dictionary field for years and offer all who visit their site this free iPhone app. Thousands of users have given it top rankings.

5. TED App: Everyone from world leaders to curious students stop by TED to hear leaders speak on their respective field. Their free app offers cool features for exploring, saving, and viewing speakers. It even has an “Inspire Me” button for students who need help figuring out which talk to listen to first.

6. Stanza: Although there are many free eBook apps just hoping that you will buy the latest best-seller from them, this one stands out. Fiscally conscious students will enjoy the access to the thousands of free public domain books contained in Project Gutenberg as part of this app. You can also customize font size, colors, viewing mode, and more.

7. Wattpad: Sure, anyone can grab those fancy, published books. However, students looking to publish something of their own online or grab an undiscovered work can get this free iPhone app. Hopeful authors have published over 100,000 books and you can search by genre, popularity, and even by your favorite amateur author.

8. Read it Later: Have a pertinent or just interesting article on the web that you really want to read or cite later? Use this app to download copies for your offline and online enjoyment. Tap, tag, and swipe your way to reading and citing material with the use of this easy tool.

Continue to read about the rest of this excellent list of 25 college iphone apps at Whether or not you are a college student, you will enjoy the many features and benefits of these free iPhone apps. They are completely productive and useful on your phone!


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