September 18, 2011

Vic Mahfood

Tips & Tricks For Your Device: 9/18/11-Street View Images

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You are heading out to a friend's house for dinner. You have the directions from Google Maps, but you would like to know what to expect when you reach the actual neighborhood. Are you in the right place? What exactly does the house look like so you'll recognize it when you drive up?

Street View helps solve this little dilemma. Did you know that when you have a complete address in your Contacts, if you tap on it, the name of the Contact will pop up along with a little orange circle with a peg man in it. Tap on the man, and you will be instantly shown the neighborhood with the exact house pinpointed of the friend whom you are going to visit. It's actually amazing to see the house, car and entire neighborhood.

Okay, don't panic. There are a few privacy issues Google has addressed here. First off, they have blurred the license plates of cars, as well as included a Report button if you don't want your home shown. You can rotate your view, and actually walk the street by tapping on the white arrows superimposed on the street with the street name. You can also use this feature directly in Google Maps. Street View is not live, and information probably has been gathered within the past 6 months. So as a friend demonstrated to me, Street View lives right in your Contacts, and not just in the main Google Maps icon!


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