September 17, 2011

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Developer Quote: "Want to have a conversation with someone who doesn't speak your language? Try Vocre, it's a free app that is incredibly easy and fun to use."

- COST:   Free  - APP STORE STARS: 2-1/2
- Categories: Languages, Lifestyle, Native, Travel

Traveling is part of everyone's life today. And I don't mean just domestic travel. More often that not, your business will take you overseas. If not that, then vacation plans whether by cruise or plane will. It's exciting though to sample the worlds of others and to absorb their culture. What needs to be dealt with here though is the language barrier. You can use Vocre to take care of that small problem as it translates right there on the spot so that whatever you want to say is instantly spoken in the destination language right when you need it.

Vocre lets you set your native and target languages first of all. Also, you may set your speaker to male or female. Then you speak into the mic with your question or comment, rotate the phone and it puts out your words in the language chosen as your target one. Tap the button to reverse the languages, and the recipient of your speech can then answer you back. As you can imagine, you then flip the phone again to hear the translation in your native tongue.

This all seems easy enough, and is honestly a great attempt at solving language barriers between travelers. However, a few fixes are needed. You have to flip the phone a specific way to enable the translation. This takes some wrist flexibility and patience till you get it down pat. Additionally, you are given a specific amount of credits which when used up, you would need to replenish in order to continue using the app. Top in App purchases allow you to purchase additional credits so that is easy enough, but could become expensive.

Considering the app is free, I would definitely give it a try to see how well you adapt to it. With Vocre, you are essentially able to talk in any language. It is kind of neat to say something, flip the phone and hear it repeated in another language (although not in your voice). Take Vocre on your travels with you, or use if it a non-native speaking business client with whom you must interact comes into town. You'll be pleased you had a handy translator in your pocket!

COOL CONCLUSION: "Vocre provides instant spoken translations to make your travels easier and your comprehension complete."
--Date/Version: Released 9/13/11 - Version 1.0
--iOS/Age Rating:  This app requires iOS 4.0 or later. Rated 4+.
--Device: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad
--Developer Link: myLanguage, Inc.
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