October 23, 2011

Vic Mahfood

Off to bed!

Developer Quote: "Enjoy with your children a unique experience: A celebration of imagination and fantasy in attractive and innovative interactive scenes reading Off to bed!."

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Children require infinite tenderness, care, nurturing, love and patience. Perhaps you've been the parent of a kindergartner sobbing on the first day of school refusing to let go of your hand, or had a child loudly demand a toy or treat from the store. As I often say, "Been there, done that!" Something that requires patience on a daily basis, however, is the bed-time routine. When children are all snuggled up and ready for bed, they want and should have (from my point of view anyway) a soothing bed-time story. The bonding between parent and child is profound, and little ones are able to fill their imaginations with sweet dreams and happy thoughts to take away any fears of darkness or separation from their parents through the night.

Off to bed! is an absolutely lovely bedtime story that is filled with charming, soft lullaby music that will get your child ready for sleep. The book is written in verse which is always a favorite of children because of its easy cadence. Each page contains interactive fun and lots of giggling from the child in the story. The interactive objects move and make noises that are reminiscent of a parent's voice actually reading the book. Touch the page curls at the bottom of the display to move forward or backward throughout. Tap and hold the pink character in the bottom center of the screen to return to the Menu. In this story, the sweet, little child climbs into bed and is taken on a dreamy adventure in his cradle which has sprouted wings and a propeller to take him on a relaxing ride!

Some of the heart-warming features of this precious iPhone bedtime story book are as follows:

• Suitable for children of all ages
• Excellent graphic presentation
• Original and creative script
• Exquisite illustrations by M├áriam Ben-Arab
• Rich variety of interactive elements, with playful animations and sounds that will create a surprising experience
• Intuitive and easy interface with direct access to all scenes
• Easy to read thanks to a dedicated typographic work
• Touch each phrase to repeat its sound: A wonderful feature for early readers
• Sweet and soothing original soundtrack
• Develops the early hand to eye coordination for children
• Reciting and counting numbers has never been more fun!
• You will be able to control:
- Activating/Deactivating the VOICEOVER. While activated it reads automatically each page of the story by a professional voiceover artist.
- Activating/Deactivating the MUSIC. It allows to listen or switch off the soundtrack
- Activating/Deactivating the AUTOMATIC TURN PAGE MODE. It limits the interactivity on each page to 15 seconds, after which time it turns the page automatically.

The story begins with the parents putting the child to bed, and this your own child can accomplish by dragging and dropping him into his cradle. You will soon notice the underlying theme of the story is that the parent is counting down on each page in series from 5 to 1 - whether counting sheep, stars or clouds. Near the end of the book, we finally reach to number 1 which is when the child is content and ready for sleep at least. I could not help but think what a wonderful aid this book is to a parent who wants their child to sleep dreaming of happy thoughts. The young child can enjoy gentle sounds, soothing graphics in soft colors, swiping items, listening to the sweet and simple story, and the terrific, heart-warming soundtrack.

One of my favorite, interactive objects is the music staff with stars which when touched actually plays musical notes sounding as if played on a xylophone. The soft, cottony sheep look sleepy and "Baaaa" as they are counted down then disappear one by one. All the objects and colors of this book are designed to induce sleep and contentment. The mobile rocking above the child's head is as slow and hypnotic as the narrator's voice. The soft cotton-candy pink clouds drift in the sky hiding a peek-a-boo rainbow. Another one of my favorite pages, for it is such a sweet sight, is the moonbeam cradling and kissing the child goodnight. The child finally happily falls asleep with many of the book's characters fondly looking on. The book ends when the parents come in to check their child is sleeping well - all is well in their home this night!
COOL CONCLUSION: "Off to bed! is a gorgeous, melodic and perfect bedtime story book for young children, as well as a parent's best friend!"
--Date/Version: Updated 10/18/11 - Version  1.2
--iOS/Age Rating:  This app requires iOS  3.0  or later. Rated 4+.
--Device: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad
--Developer Link:
DADA Company
--Twitter: DADA_Company
--Facebook: DADACompany

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