October 2, 2011

Vic Mahfood

Tips & Tricks For Your Device: 10/2/11 - Home Sharing on iTunes

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Maybe your kids or partner have some great songs in their iTunes library. You're a bit jealous because you haven't had time to download all the latest songs you want. On the other hand, if they have the music you love, why should you bother download it again anyway? The big word here is "SHARING!" So the question is how do you share and transfer content between multiple iTunes libraries on your home network, and stream from those libraries to your iOS device?


It's really not that hard at all to accomplish song sharing with all the helpful features included on iTunes. Here's a brief summary of how to accomplish this feat:

- Open iTunes.
- Select the Home Sharing icon in the left column. (If the Home Sharing icon is not visible, choose Advanced > Turn On Home Sharing from the top menu bar. Once Home Sharing is enabled, the Home icon is no longer visible).
- When prompted, enter your Apple ID account name and password (use the same Apple ID account name when enabling Home Sharing on all computers).
- Click Create Home Share.
- Use the above steps to enable Home Sharing on additional computers on your home network.

NOTE: Visit iTunes: Setting Up Home Sharing for more detailed information and tips on Home and Automatic Sharing of apps, books, music, TV shows, and movie purchases to your other computers.


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