October 23, 2011

Vic Mahfood

Tips & Tricks For Your Device: Setting Tones for Communications-iOS5

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So many messages, calendar alerts, emails and reminders are sent out daily. Usually though, only a handful are urgent or from a special someone. The rest can wait and don't require your immediate attention. So what to do if you're at a business meeting and your phone is quietly alerting you? Should you look down and scroll through your notifications? You could be on pins and needles every time your phone alerts you, which is literally all day long!


There's an easier way to find out which communications really need your attention. Note that there are two parts to this tip:

Go to your Settings and tap Sounds where you'll see all the choices available to you. You may set the following: Vibration On/Off, Ringtone, Text Tone, New Voicemail, New Mail, Sent Mail, Tweet, Calendar Alerts, Reminder Alerts and Vibration Patterns too! Tap on any one of these items and then select a sound from the choices given. These are all the basic tones/vibrations which sound for your collective contact list.

However, you can also further fine tune your tone choices under each contact name. Here you are able to customize the following: Ringtone, Vibration and Text Tone. There is no custom setting as yet for Email. (Still, with the help of other ringtone and text tone apps, I have been able to set up a large selection from which to choose for all these categories). The Vibration alert is particularly fun as you can tap out a vibration you like and save it. 

Go to your Contacts, select a specific name, then Edit. From here, you can choose any field to answer. Also, go near the end of the page where it says Add Field and tap that to reveal even more field selections available to you. When you are finished customizing, tap Done.

So now when I get a message or call from someone, if I have assigned them a specific tone or vibration, then I know immediately who is trying to reach me. If I'm interested, I'll look down and deal with it, but if I'm not, I can continue doing what I was involved in prior to the interruption!


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