November 16, 2011

Vic Mahfood

Music Player All-in-1 - Convenient Multi-function Music Player

Developer Quote: "All music related functions are in this application, All-in-1 Music Player."

- COST: Free    - APP STORE STARS: 4-1/2
- Categories: Entertainment, Lifestyle, Music, Native
Looking for an excellent music player with a ton of features to complement your music playlists? Well, you've definitely got to check out Music Player All-in-1 - Convenient Multi-function Music Player because it has a plethora of cool options such as: Auto Lyrics, Study Mode, Recommended Podcast, Gesture Recognition and many more. I do use a couple different such players when I am at the gym, walking or biking to make it easy to navigate through my music without much difficulty or loss of concentration on my exercise routine. However, this app has several unique uses that caught my eye. Some of the noteworthy features of this music player iPhone app are as follows:

■ All-in-1 Music Player

- Lyric function showing Lyric with its search.
- Language study function helps you study.
- Various Podcast recommendations function to help Language study.
- Gesture recognition function that enables various controls according to finger motion.
- Timer function you can use to go to bed while listening to music.
- Music video and artist information is incorporated.
- It is a multi-functional Music player that integrates all convenient functions.

■ Introduction of functions

◎ [Auto-Lyrics] - Automatically display the lyrics of songs
It shows the lyrics of the song you are listening to so you can sing along.

◎ [Study Mode] - You don’t have to spend lots of money.
Basic interval repeats and speed control, time jump function with your custom setting can efficiently support any language study.

◎[Recommended Podcast] - Recommend various Podcasts for interesting language study
You don’t have to find each Podcast for various genres but you can play streaming and download the file at one time.

◎[iTunes file share] - MP3 file management function of PC
The mp3 files on PC can simply be moved to the App.

◎ [Gesture recognition] - Function for comfortable music listening
You can set various functions (go to next song, volume control and more) according to the finger motions.

◎ [Search Music Video] - You can listen to the music and view video clips at the same time.
You can search the video clip of the song currently played and comfortably enjoy.

◎ [Timer] - It helps put you to sleep
Have you been worrying about all-night play of music when you go to bed?
Use timer function of the Music Player to go to bed with music.

◎ [Artist information] - When did the artist release the first album?
You can easily confirm artist profile, photo and more.

◎ [Share] - Wow, I like this song, suggest to friends!
You can easily share the song information with your friends via SMS.

◎ [Other convenient functions]
It includes various functions such as play a next song by shaking the phone and share song information with friends, etc.

There are enough features in this app to make rediscovering your music a pleasure. The Artist Information, Share, Recommended Podcast and Study Mode are some of my favorites. I love the sleek look of the app with its well-defined metallic-looking icons along with the polished, uncluttered skin. Try using Music Player All-in-1 - Convenient Multi-function Music Player for the many uses it offers both for pleasure and convenience.
COOL CONCLUSION: "Music Player All-in-1 is a sharp looking and clever player that makes it fun and easy to access your music and podcast collection."
--Date/Version: Updated 10/20/11 - Version 1.5.4
--iOS/Age Rating:  This app requires iOS 4.2 or later. Rated 4+.
--Device: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad
--Developer: Ensight Media

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