December 18, 2011

3 Fun Free Apps: 12/18/11 -Wonder Pants, Piggly Christmas, Wonderizer Sandwich Builder

Check out any or all of these 3 cool free apps that we picked out for you to try on your iDevice!

~Wonder Pants
(Games - 12/18/11)
Developer Quote: "Darrell's ready for business but he has to start at the bottom, he's yet to learn how to plug a volcano or turn back time so he's starting out by saving cats!"

~Piggly Christmas Edition HD
(Games- 12/18/11)
Developer Quote: "Help this festive pig put on the Santa hat and bring wonderful apples and treats back home to her family. Skip through rain, sleet, and snow and make sure to keep those apples away from others in the forest looking for a holiday snack!"

~Wonderizer Sandwich Builder
(Lifestyle- 12/18/11)
Developer Quote: "Use the Sandwich Wonder-izer™ to create your family’s next lunch. From nutritious to nutty, browse a variety of pre-made sandwiches for inspiration. Or, start from scratch and pile your favorite variety of Wonder® bread with ingredients and arrange them to your liking."

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