December 8, 2011


Awesome Days

Developer Quote: "Do you remember your precious memories well? Are you tired of forgetting your plans? Use Awesome Days to remedy this."

- COST: Free     - APP STORE STARS: 4-1/2
- Categories: Calendar, Lifestyle, Native, Organization, Productivity

There are so many memorable occasions in life. The larger the family, the more difficult it is to keep track of events before or after they occur. Perhaps it's a wedding, birthday, party, family gathering, vacation, recital, you name it! Age is another factor here, though I hate to say it! It seems the older you get, your trusty memory seems to slip a bit. So why take a chance on forgetting all the things that are precious to you? Instead keep a list of special occasions with Awesome Days. Some of the helpful and memorable features of Awesome Days are as follows:

- List View to allow many important dates in one view.
- Important Date Notification in advance
- Repeat date features
- Counting days without certain dates
- Send to Email, Facebook, Twitter
- National holidays by countries
- The Solar/Lunar Calendar conversion
- Tool Bar style
- Lock-code to protect everyone's privacy
- Edit anniversary list
- Search for anniversaries

How will Awesome Days benefit you?

- No need to worry about forgetting meetings.
- Always remember anniversaries.
- No need to calculate an upcoming anniversary or birthday since Awesome Days will let you know well in advance.
- Awesome Days will let you know well in advance to prep for travel, meetings, exams and other upcoming important days.
- All these important dates you can note in an album to send to others.
- Create stylish album with a few clicks.
- Enjoy a variety of themes. Each can be customized with a different background, photos, tapes, stickies, and font to allow different styles.
- Make use of your photo album and camera to customize the album.

Awesome Days is not just a plain "enter the date" calendar. It is a scrapbook and calendar of special and important moments in your life. Here is where you will record the things that matter most. It is a sleek and stylish scrapbook, calendar and diary which you will enjoy creating and using with anticipation.

COOL CONCLUSION: "Awesome Days will delight you with its beautiful design and easy method of recording dates and events to document upcoming or past memorable moments in life."
--Date/Version: Released 12/6/11 - Version 1.0
--iOS/Age Rating:  This app requires iOS 4.0 or later. Rated 4+.
--Device: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad
--Developer: Universal Creators

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