January 17, 2012

Vic Mahfood

The 40 Best iPad Apps for Young Learners (Guest Post)

We are always looking to simplify searches particular groups of people make for specific apps. To this end, we are posting today an excellent guest article by Onlinecolleges.net entitled The 40 Best iPad Apps for Young Learners . Parents, guardians and teachers can pick and choose from app offerings that cover so many educational and entertaining subjects for young ones. You know the old, familiar adage, "The best time for learning things is when you are young!"

The apps are separated into these categories: Math, Spelling and Reading, Science, Special Education and Various Subjects. This first page only covers Math, so please read on by clicking the article link to get all the information of the apps in all their categories.

Several of these are paid apps, but is there a price too high to pay for your child's education, independence, maturity and growing confidence in all areas? The full list of 40 apps is found under the Onlinecolleges.net link at the top or bottom of this page.

1. Math Evolve: Nominated for “Best Educational Game of 2011,” Math Evolve teaches the math basics through gameplay involving a dolphin shooting lasers at sea creatures.

2. MathBoard: MathBoard works because of its highly-customizable features, like creating timed math quizzes or making quizzes out of questions answered incorrectly.

3. Motion Math: “Putting the action in fraction,” Motion Math has players put fractions in order to help a fallen star move back into the sky.

4. PopMath Basic Math: Match pairs of balloons that have the same value, using one of the four basic math skills to deduce the answer, and be treated to a very satisfying “pop.”

5. Math Ninja HD: You know you’ve interested the boys with just the word “ninja.” You must protect your treehouse from an evil tomato by using math. OK then!

6. Math Bingo Games — A Racing Game: Fun app for such a clunky title. Solve the math problems to keep your race car from crashing.

7. Numbers League: Combining super heroes and comic book graphics with math was a stroke of genius. Kids and adults love this game.

8. Bugs and Buttons: B&B helps pre-schoolers practice counting, but there’s also a bunch of fun, silly games paired with great graphics to keep them entertained.

Continue to read about the rest of this excellent list of 40 iPad apps thanks to Onlinecolleges.net. You are bound to see several iPad apps here which you may download for your own child or gift to another. There is no better, more captivating learning device than the iPad with excellent apps using all its high-def color, fabulous resolution, sound tracks and intriguing content to children.


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