January 23, 2012

Vic Mahfood

Tips & Tricks For Your iOS Device - Spotlight Search

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Perhaps you've been looking for a specific Voice Memo, Note or Mail, and so naturally you search for it using Spotlight Search (search function when you swipe to the left from your Home Screen). You will find on your display, loads of results covering all items on your phone, and it will take way too long to scroll through each to find the one you need. How do you speed up this search process?


- Your iPhone is so easy to customize in many ways. So if you tend to use your Voice Memos more than anything else, for example, you will want to have those search results shown first when you use Spotlight Search. To arrange the order of results, go to: Settings, General, Spotlight Search where you will see all the categories of items on your phone. These include: Applications, Events, Contacts, Notes, Music, Videos, Audiobooks, Reminders, Voice Memos, Mail, Messages and Podcasts.

You can change the order above simply by tapping and holding the 3-line movable icon to the right of the category, and dragging it to your preferred position. Repeat the same steps to move the order of other functions which you may search the most. Tap and drag Mail to the top of the display or put it in 2nd place, if you wish. In this way, when you actually use your device's Search feature, the items displayed will be in the exact order in which you've customized them on the Settings page!

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