February 25, 2012

Vic Mahfood

NoteLedge® for iPad

Developer Quote: "NoteLedge is a robust note-taking application that allows you to take notes with powerful editing functions such as handwriting, typing, photo-editing, audio and video recording. "

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Anyone currently enjoying a vacation, compiling memoirs of a get-together, writing a daily journal or otherwise engaged in a customized writing activity? All the above and many other note-taking methods have become a cinch using iPad which has increased productivity for both professionals and individuals. NoteLedge® for iPad caught my attention and has become part of my daily writing habit due to its many personalized methods of creating and containing my notes, memos and e-cards using built-in templates. What you do with these 3 writing options is totally up to your imagination and real life activities!
The customization with using multi-media, different writing tools and colors, cropping and moving all items on a page exactly where you want them is amazingly useful and oh so intuitive! This is because NoteLedge® for iPad uses its very own feature called Navigator which makes preparing your scrapbook, journal entry or e-card a combined work of creativity and organization. This clever and well-planned app allows you to crop the selected media contents in whichever way you prefer and then paste them strategically. Some of the tremendous capabilities of this note taking, editing iPad app are shown below in several different categories:

Editing and Utility Tools
▪ Realistic handwriting and drawing experience to complement your notes.
▪ Drag the text box anywhere within the note page to your liking.
▪ Take notes and record at the same time.
▪ Add multiple video/audio recordings to create richer content.
▪ Rest your palm while writing or drawing with a stylus.

The Patented “Navigator”
▪ The Navigator allows you to crop and copy your texts, pictures and drawings in your own way and paste them wherever you like within the active area.
▪ A collection of built-in stamps are available.

Customize Your Notes
▪ Choose from among the blank, graph, ruled, or looseleaf note templates.
▪ Customize a template with your own photo.
▪ Create your note covers with pictures from your photo library.
▪ WOW others with your one-of-a-kind E-cards.
▪ Support various photo filters including Lomo, Black and White, Gothic, Sharp Color, and more.

Keep Everything Organized
▪ Manage your notes under the calendar view.
▪ Back up your notes, retrieve saved works, and fine-tune your masterpieces.
▪ Use the file clone feature to create a copy of your files.
▪ Password protection supported.

Share Your Life Easily
▪ Facebook your notes/travel journals.
▪ Email your notes in either JPG or PDF format within a matter of seconds.
▪ Easily back up notes to a wide range of cloud storage sites including Dropbox, iDisk, Box.net, GoogleDocs, FTP and WebDAV.

Open NoteLedge® for iPad and you will see a Welcome Note screen. From here tap the question mark (help) button at the top left to see all the unique and exciting writing utilities available to you using illustrated notes. Here you will find information on creating Files, page Preview, Media options, Navigator gadget, Slideshow, Stationary templates, your very own Palm Rest and more. Tap Back at any time to return to the Home Screen.

Let's begin with the Files tab. From here tap Create New File to begin your first note. The calendar date will automatically be inserted. Choose from among styles such as Classical Note, Quick Memo and E-Card. Then tap and hold the pencil to select a writing style including pen, pencil, crayon, stylus and paintbrush. Tap your preferred color from the palette, size and opacity (tap and hold for choices), then begin to write. Preview your page at any time by tapping that button. Tap the Media button to include Audio, Video, Bookmark, Sketch, Text (wide variety of fonts), Image or a built-in and even customized template! Tap the full screen icon to hide the side menus, thus effectively increasing your writing space. The Navigator is a truly remarkable tool (and my favorite) which allows so many options in editing your photos and capturing content to move elsewhere in your document.
As you work, use the undo and redo buttons at top of the screen to fine-tune your thoughts. Of course, the final highlight of this creative app is sharing with whomever you want via multiple methods including DropBox, iDisk, GoogleDocs (all available under the cloud icon), Email Page, Note, Note With PDF, Share to Facebook, and of course save to your photo album. Using NoteLedge® for iPad, recording your memoirs and activities in scrapbook or classic fashion has never been easier, more fun and media complete!
COOL CONCLUSION: "NoteLedge® is a remarkably creative, while productive, note-taking iPad app that will make your writing both attractively unique and comprehensive.">
--Date/Version: Updated 2/17/12 - Version 1.3 --iOS/Age Rating:  This app requires iOS 4.0 or later. Rated 4+. --Special Note: In this version, new features include: Chinese and Japanese languages, wider writing area, various templates, more stamps, PDF export, save page to photo album, phone number detection and save, hyperlink support and quick file export to e-mail.
--Languages: English, Chinese, Japanese --Device: iPad --Developer: Kdan Mobile Software --Facebook: Kdan Mobile Software LTD --Twitter: KdanMobile Visit the iTunes App Store for more details, and to download: NOTELEDGE FOR IPAD
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