April 10, 2012

Vic Mahfood

8 Exciting Showcased Apps: MARCH, 2012

Showcased Apps represent a fine selection of informative, entertaining and useful apps that put excitement and sizzle on your iDevice!

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Showcased Apps: MARCH, 2012
--- Pocket Scanner - Documents on the Go, Spin Cam, PDF Reader Pro, The Island - Castaway, Porcorn Flix, Hunger Games - Girl on Fire, Draw Something Free, Car Audio Deck


Pocket Scanner - Documents on the Go- 3/13/12

- Categories: Business, Communications, Lifestyle, Native, Organization, Productivity, PDF Tool, Utilities

COOL CONCLUSION: "Pocket Scanner - Documents on the go allows you to organize and make excellent digital PDF documents of items you need to share with business or personal acquaintances, saving money and time without losing the quality of original documents."

Spin Cam-3/8/12

- Categories: 3D, Lifestyle, Native, Photos, Photo & Video, Photo Effects

COOL CONCLUSION: "Take eye-grabbing photos or Spins with incredible SpinCam to make your pictures come to life in a most unusual way!"

PDF Reader Pro- 3/16/12

- Categories: Business, Communications, Lifestyle, Native, PDF Tool, Organization, Productivity, Universal, Utilities

COOL CONCLUSION: "PDF Reader Pro is the ultimate sophisticated tool when it comes to creating, reading and sharing PDF files with style and simplicity."

The Island - Castaway- 3/19/12

- Categories: Entertainment, Lifestyle, Native, Photos, Social Networking
COOL CONCLUSION: "The Island - Castaway is a captivating game where you use your wits to survive while solving a quantity of mysterious quests."

Popcornflix- 3/22/12

- Categories: Entertainment, Lifestyle, Movies, Videos, Native, Universal

COOL CONCLUSION: "Enjoy a large assortment of exciting, full-length movies any time via the high-quality streaming of Popcornflix!"

Hunger Games - Girl on Fire- 3/25/12

- Categories: Action, Adventure, Entertainment, Games, Movies, Native, Sims

COOL CONCLUSION: "Hunger Games - Girl on Fire is an exciting representation of the adventures of the movie, and is also balanced with easily manageable controls, cool graphics and sounds to challenge your mind and reflexes."

Draw Something Free- 3/27/12

- Categories: Art, Entertainment, Games, Native, Universal

COOL CONCLUSION: "Hone your drawing skills with Draw Something Free, the app that tests your ability to translate a written word to artwork on paper - a humorous and challenging time-passer for everyone!"

Car Audio Deck- 3/28/12

- Categories: Entertainment, Lifestyle, Music, Native

COOL CONCLUSION: "The sleek, shiny appearance and many functions of Car Audio Deck will top out the appearance of your car quite nicely with its polished appeal!"

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