May 8, 2012

Vic Mahfood

10 Terrific iPhone Camera Apps

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There are excellent tech sites out there that offer intriguing reading and tips on all sorts of technology including how to get the most out of your iOS devices. Some discuss gadgets, accessories and hardware while others spend a great deal of time researching top of the line apps for your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

The following great read by Stepcase Lifehack titled, "Top 10 Camera Apps For iPhone + 4 Bonus Photo Editing Apps" offers you insight into some super photography apps of which you may not be aware. In either event, here's a great opportunity to brush up on your photo apps where you will definitely discover an intriguing app or two. Please finish reading the story on the Stepcase Lifehack site to get all the juicy details.

"Ever since Apple upped the ante with the iPhone 4 — and then blew that out of the water with the 4S — the iPhone has really taken off as a worthy alternative to a point-n-shoot camera. It’s perfect for those who want something that is both efficient and effective — something Lifehack readers yearn fro in a lot of their tech gear.

There are hundreds of photo apps out there (I should know…I think I bought most of them) that take your iPhoneography to the next level. I’ve picked top 10 camera apps for iPhone, but then I realized that there is so much more to taking pictures on the iPhone than just taking pictures, so as a bonus I’ve included my top 4 favorite apps to edit and enhance photos just to round things out.

1. Camera+ $0.99. This is my go-to app to take pictures. I wish I could set it as my default camera app. What’s great? The in-app photo edits and fast sharing. Yeah, man.

2. 360 Panorama $0.99. Want to make easy, peasy awesome looking panorama shots? Here you go. You’re welcome.

3. GridLens $0.99. What to take a series of shots laid out in a cool frame or grid? This is the app. Maybe one picture divided or several different shots over a few seconds, it’s just tap and go.

4. Hipstamatic $1.99. One of the leading “toy camera” app to let you give your iPhone shots different looks with software lenses, filters, and films. Its’ cool."

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Stepcase Lifehack is nothing if not incredibly efficient at digging deep down to find ways to make life simpler, more enjoyable, and to weed out the best products that give value for your buck. This site is one of my most trusted sources, and I'm pretty sure you're going to enjoy the rest of this article which not only covers the camera apps, but also photo editing apps.

Wander over to Top 10 Camera Apps For iPhone + 4 Bonus Photo Editing Apps to finish your discovery of this helpful tech read.


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