May 18, 2012

Vic Mahfood

Stack 'N Puzzles - Kid's Puzzle Adventure Game

Developer Quote: "Stack 'N Puzzles is a puzzle adventure game designed for young children. Kids play with Stack the Beaver through playing a series of fun, educational, interactive puzzles."
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Guess what parents, guardians and loving relatives? Summer break is just a couple weeks away, and all the precious little children will be kicking their heels up at home! It's going to be a treat to have the kids home to enjoy again without the stress of school schedules, but we need to keep those active brains busy as well as entertain curious little minds! Here is one safe bet that's going to fill both slots!

Stack 'N Puzzles - Kid's Puzzle Adventure Game universal iPhone app is another hands-down entertaining, educational app from 77SPARX Studio, the makers of Puzzingo. I was delighted completely by the brilliant colors, excellent educational value and kiddie delights of Puzzingo several months ago, and so was excited to learn about Stack 'N Puzzles. Vivid, interactive preschool puzzles which teach and entertain are the basis of this app.

In this cute story, you will meet the industrious beaver named Stack who loves completing puzzles (much as beavers like building dams) in order to re-build his special city. The benefits to your child are that he or she will discover many of the facets that make up a city such as fire trucks and firemen, schools, buses and what have you! And this is all put together in vibrantly colored, interactive illustrations which will do no less than rivet your child's attention to every detail.

Let's take a look at just a few of the exciting features of this educational, children's puzzle and universal iPhone app below:

♦ Everything on the puzzles makes a relevant, realistic sound
♦ Shake the Magic Toolbox to find the puzzle pieces
♦ Drive the vehicles around town on the city streets
♦ Pop all the colorful balloons which reward you on puzzle completion
♦ Learn all about different objects from Stack, the lovable beaver
♦ Perfect for preschoolers - no instructions necessary as Stack directs you around

You see, a dreadful tornado has ruined Stack's home town, and so he takes it upon himself to rebuild it. Use the Magic Toolbox (by dragging/shaking it) to unload the puzzle pieces. Drag the small puzzle pieces next to Stack from the right to the large puzzle board item to the left of the display.

You are rewarded with the sound of each item when you fit it in the puzzle correctly. For example, put the pieces of the fire truck together! Hear its siren! Put the water tank in place and hear a gushing sound, place the wheels on the truck to hear it screeching away, or load the fire extinguishers on the truck then listen to the spray of foam. Enjoy dozens of beautiful balloons floating away to congratulate your child upon completion of each puzzle. (Oh and if you tap the balloons, you can pop them as well!)

There are over a hundred puzzle pieces that acquaint your child with real life activities when Stack (in his endearing voice) introduces museums, planets, the TRex, school, buses and city life. If working on these lively puzzles is not enough, you can expect more at the end of your activities when you get to drive the fire truck to put out the fire, and to find the missing TRex. If your child just can't get enough of these adorable puzzles, you can snag him or her a bonus one by visiting the page, Stack N Puzzles - Unlock Secret Bonus Puzzle (iOS). The engaging, learning fun of Stack 'N Puzzles will captivate kids and encourage them to explore their world.

COOL CONCLUSION: Stack 'N Puzzles is an adorable, educational game, and an engaging way to learn about city life by completing puzzles with colorful, interactive pieces complete with realistic sounds!
--Date/Version: Updated 5/2/12 - Version 1.72
--iOS/Age Rating:  This app requires iOS 4.3 or later. Rated 4+.
--Device: Universal: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad
--Developer: 77SPARX Studio, LLC
--Facebook: 77sparx
--Twitter: andrew_77sparx

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