May 9, 2012

Vic Mahfood

Tips & Tricks for your iOS Device - Siri & Wolfram Alpha

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Are you an airplane watcher, and spend time parked out by the airport perimeter road checking to see what enormous, shiny, silver bird will pass overhead? Where is this mammoth plane headed? What type of aircraft is it? How high in the sky is it anyway?


- If you have iPhone 4S, you can use Siri's magical properties to tell you all about these aircraft. Wolfram Alpha is a major search engine for Siri, and so Siri can easily respond to your question, "What flights are overhead?" You'll discover flight names, altitude, angle, type of aircraft and distance, along with a sky map.

For instance, you'll find out one of those jets overhead is a Delta Air Lines, Flight #1104, Boeing 767-300, at 37,000 feet altitude, 10 degrees up located at 39 miles north-northeast. Wow - that's a lot of intriguing (if not exactly necessary) information using the power of Wolfram. It's that simple to search your blue skies, once your Location Services are turned on in Settings.

We should never lose the open-mouthed wonder of a child gazing up at the sky in awe at beautiful airplanes. But now, we can add a little tech knowledge to the beauty we see!


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