June 14, 2012

Vic Mahfood

i Learn With Boing: Savannah Adventures! HD

Developer Quote:     "In iLearn With Boing: Savannah Adventures! HD your child will embark on a new, fun adventure in the savannah in which he or she will learn key math skills such as counting, ordering numbers and adding or subtracting while playing with savannah animals!"

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As a parent or relative of a child, your greatest wish is to enhance your child's learning, cognitive and thinking skills. A child can literally soak up knowledge once engaged in fun educational activities, so a savvy parent will find exciting materials to captivate the audience!

Now is a good time to ask if you are familiar with Tribal Nova children's apps. If you are not, your preschoolers are missing out because this developer has produced some creative, educational apps that keep kids occupied and wanting to learn more! i Learn With Boing: Savannah Adventures! HD is a brand new math, educational iPad app which is all the more entertaining because it takes place in the savannah grasslands of an alien planet.

Here in these new surroundings, your child will learn all about the primary skills of counting, adding, subtracting, and ordering numbers using animals as their method of learning. Boing's spaceship lands in the savannah and adorable little martians hop out to begin their adventures. Track your children's progress and enjoy their delight at earning rewards for correct answers. Some of the enjoyable features of this educational, math iPad app for kids are as follows:

♦ Cross curricular game-based learning program in math, science, literacy and more
♦ Self-adjusting levels of difficulty
♦ Unique progress tracker for parents
♦ Detailed success stats for your child that can be compared with children the same age
♦ Recommended learning path personalized for your child
♦ 27 fun rewards and medals to motivate your child to learn
♦ Designed with educational and child development experts
♦ Created for kids aged 3 to 6 to get your child ready for school while having fun

On launching the game, you can play as a Guest, but I'd recommend you register your child with iLearnWith in order to keep track of rewards earned and progress made in learning. There are a series of games included in i Learn With Boing: Savannah Adventures! HD. These are Meerkats!, Frogs! and Ostriches! which correlate to learning basic skills such as counting, adding, subtracting and ordering numbers.

Your home screen will give you a choice of activities: Count, Calculate or Order. The Count activity will involve helping a cute Meerkat chef get the right ingredients in his soup by matching the correct number of items on his recipe board to a meerkat holding a number between 1 and 20.

In the Order activity, you must help the frog cross the river by jumping on the lily pads in the correct number order. If your child taps the wrong number, the frog will not jump.

In the final Calculate activity, by swiping your finger, you will be placing the ostriches, according to the number outlined, in the truck. Close the truck doors and the ostriches are on their way! If you guess incorrectly, the truck doors will not close. Your child may play alone or with someone else in this game.

Throughout these absorbing activities, the clock will be counting the time it takes to answer these questions correctly, and your progress will be tracked on the bar. Tap Boing at any time to better understand the simple game rules. Earn up to 300 virtual items as you are learning.

Parents can get involved by monitoring their child’s progress either in the app or via email alerts. The program also recommends an individualized learning path for each child which demonstrates that this early childhood education series has been developed by experts in the field.

What's great about i Learn With Boing: Savannah Adventures! HD is that kids will learn other important skills besides primary math ones, such as number recognition, correspondence and visual discrimination. This creates a solid educational base on which to build once little ones begin school! The activities are perfect for preschoolers, while soothing colors are used with minimal clutter on the screen so as not to confuse little minds. I'd recommend grabbing this unique, early learning math app while it's on sale!

COOL CONCLUSION: The interactive, learning fun of i Learn With Boing: Savannah Adventures! HD will enchant your child with charming interactions and animations, gentle music and absorbing educational fun!
--Date/Version: Released 6/13/12 - Version 1.0
--Special Note: Check out i Learn With Boing: Ice Land Adventures! HD for FREE for a limited time!

--iOS/Age Rating:  This app requires iOS 4.0 or later. Rated 4+.
--Device: iPad
--Did You Know: 10% of revenues are donated to Plan International to support education projects in Africa.
--Languages: English
--Developer: Tribal Nova
--Facebook: I learn with
--Twitter: ilearnwith

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