July 17, 2012

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Developer Quote: "Twist   lets your family, friends and colleagues know when you will arrive. Twist also alerts them when you are almost there and if you are running late."

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Yesterday's post from an informative blogger taught me about a helpful app that I'd like to share. Since I had to make a long, arduous, nerve-wracking, road-congested trip to Miami today, I welcomed any and all suggestions on how to arrive alive and let people know I'm on my way! (Truth is, Miami is a terrific, vibrant city, but the traffic there is hellish!)

Twist runs along the lines of Google Latitude, Find Friends or numerous other apps which show where your friends are at any given time. What is unique about Twist, however, is the fact that you can set it up to alert your friends or family via text, e-mail and push notification of your time of departure, location during your trip and expected arrival a couple minutes prior to that time. This easily lets people know how your time schedule is running so they can get on with their lives while waiting, and most importantly, it frees you up from the deadly addiction of texting while driving because Twist will notify those waiting. Your friends do not even have to use the Twist app or have an iPhone. Take a look at the helpful features of this navigation, locator, text utility:

☀ Pick destinations by dropping a pin on the map
☀ Send twists to email addresses as well as mobile phones
☀ Twists contain helpful information about your destination, including Street View, Yelp reviews and the weather
☀ Clearer indication when your recipients got notified, and now you can see when they actually viewed your twist
☀ You can now share photos on your twist
☀ Easily reply back to a twist that you're going there too
☀ Ability to clear out old twists and destinations

You'll want to create your twist before you travel. That means you must set up where you are going and whom you want notified (use your contact list if you wish). If you make this trip regularly, save it as a Favorite and use it often. Select if your travel is by car, bus, walk or bike. A super feature here is that you can protect your privacy if you choose. Twist will share with selected folks 3 items: When you leave, Your location en route and When you are close to arrival. So, here's the thing...if you don't want someone to know where you are coming from (one of those twisted secret things!) you can tap that button so it will not disclose that bit of information.

Once you Create and Start your twist, the display will show your route on the map, streetview and weather conditions, share photos, display the people you have selected to receive your twist and show messages which lets you know your auto messages via Twist have been sent and received. How convenient is all that information automated from within one app! Plus, you never have to lift a finger to let friends know where you are or when you'll arrive. Twist is your travel assistant that does an excellent job of informing others without breaching your privacy.
COOL CONCLUSION: Wherever you travel, Twist is an indispensable tool that will automatically and accurately alert your family or friends of your departure, location and arrival so that you can concentrate on driving safely, not on texting your whereabouts!

--Date/Version: Updated 6/14/12 - Version 0.9.8
--iOS/Age Rating:  This app requires iOS 4.0 or later. Rated 4+.
--Device: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad
--Note: Twist is currently available in the US only. World-wide release coming soon.
--Developer: Twist and Shout, Inc.

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