July 25, 2012

Vic Mahfood

30 Music Education Apps to Delight All Ages

We are always looking to simplify searches people make for specific apps. To this end, we are posting today an article by Onlinecolleges.net entitled 30 MOBILE APPS REINVENTING MUSIC EDUCATION. Students can make magnificent use of app offerings that cover the many facets of music. The excellent apps outlined in this article fall under categories such as: Fun, Useful Tools, and Learning and Practice. They are suitable for music students of all ages.

"Mobile technologies are playing a big role in the classroom, in virtually all kinds of education. Music is no exception, as a wealth of new applications for tablets and smartphones have made it possible to learn, share, and have fun with music education just about anywhere. Whether you’re a music teacher looking for new tools to share with students or a student looking for new ways to practice and learn, here are some of the apps that we think are helping to revolutionize music education, offering fun, information, and instruction anywhere, anytime.

1. Sound Recall:
Even young kids can enjoy this musical game, which asks young musicians to identify and repeat a series of pitches.

2. Piano Lesson Piano Man:
This application is similar to Rock Band or Guitar Hero in that it challenges users to play a selected song as notes come up on the screen. Users can even play against each other to really test their skills.

3. Simon Sings Fun Ear Trainer Game:
This ear trainer game asks players to identify the musical notes being sung by Simon, repeating multiple notes back in the correct order just to make things a little more challenging.

4. Scale Tapper:
Scale Tapper is a great way to introduce a variety of music topics to learners, including music theory and transposing keys, with some fun games to boot."

Enjoy these relaxing, fun and educational music apps starting right here and continuing on the original web page to conclude the 30 apps from which the information is gathered at Onlinecolleges.net.

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