August 21, 2012

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Developer Quote: "SomeCaps   is changing the way people take, share, and personalize photos. Use or take photos, add awesome filters, and throw on a hilarious caption."

- COST:     Free     - APP STORE STARS:     5
- Categories: Lifestyle, Native, Photo Effects, Photography

What should you do with all those cute and funny pics you have lying around in your Photo Album? Some of them would be priceless if you put a caption on them. Don't have a good imagination you say? So what! SomeCaps will gladly provide you with captions galore in both Mild or Vulgar form, I might add! (So let's choose wisely as to who gets your jazzed up pics)! Throw in a snazzy background and hey presto, whatever happened to that old, ho-hum pic you snapped?

With this iPhone photography, effects and captions app just snap a pic, or choose one from your Photo Album, pick an effect for the background, add a Cap (caption), and boom you're done with a whole new twist on your photo! To explain in a bit more detail, take a peek at some of the features of SomeCaps:

• Awesome photo filters integrated seamlessly
• Thousands of hilarious, current, and trending captions
• Dynamic caption resizing and placement- just drag and size the caption where YOU want
• Our CapperPro™ algorithm gives you RELEVANT, hilarious captions
• Select from Mild captions (that Grandma might see) to Vulgar captions that will make your friends laugh or puke
• Humiliate or call out your friends with our CapperPro™ Name function
• Refresh captions until your heart is content
• Share to Facebook, Twitter, Save and Message, Email, Assign to contact

The bottom line ;-) is that there's some really cool and unique tweaks you can perform with your photos and SomeCaps. First of all, you get to pick both background filter effects and word captions. If you have special words you'd like to use yourself, just tap the My Own Caption button. Some other ready-made caps categories you may like include: Social, Relationships, Drinking, Workplace, Party, Sarcasm and Pets. Now the special feature here is the Name+ button. With that button, just enter the name of your friend and a hilarious phrase will appear (some prefixed with a hashtag as a Twitter spoof). For example, Jenn became "#Jenn's alcoholism". Tyler became "Tyler please stay out of jail". You get the picture? (Pardon the pun!)

You can go through the list in each category by pressing the refresh button which will produce a new caption each time. No boring phrases or lack of imagination here. If you feel lucky, press the Random button to generate something extra special! All caps give you the option of a Mild or Vulgar saying which creates wording in one of those two categories!

Caps are displayed in white and may be placed wherever you want on your pic. I'd personally like to have a choice of a couple more colors for a bit of variety. Tap the font size button to resize your caption - it's that easy! When you've completed your romantic, quirky, crazy or humorous photo ensemble, share it on Facebook or Twitter, save to your Photo Library, Send by Email or Assign to Contact (a very handy feature I might add).

Photo filters (as well as other options) are limited in the free version, but when you upgrade to the PRO version for 99 cents, you get several more. As you tap each button to sample the appearance, your photo will immediately reflect the changes. A few more filters to complement the many captions would be a great asset to a pretty innovative app. Filters currently include Kindled, Overcast, Burnt, Achromatic, Daybreak, Aurora and Midnight. With all these cool effects, I'd say it's definitely time to shake up your photos with the flair and swashbuckling style of SomeCaps.
COOL CONCLUSION: Three steps is all it takes to create a completely unique, sentimental, or customized photo using background filters, hilarious captions and the trendy, new SomeCaps!
--Date/Version: Released 8/7/12 - Version 1.0
--iOS/Age Rating:  This app requires iOS 4.3 or later. Rated 17.
--Device: Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation) and iPad.
--Developer: Applet Studios

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