September 14, 2012

Vic Mahfood

Analytiks - Google Analytics app

Developer Quote: "Analytiks is your Google Analytics on steroids. Understand your people beyond raw analytics numbers by checking stats that matter, including graphs and infographic."

- COST:     $1.99     - APP STORE STARS:     3-1/2
- Categories: Google, Native, Productivity, Utilities

If you've taken the time and effort to create a website or blog, whether to entertain or do business with readers, you know that it's critical to see from where your traffic is arriving. Additionally, it's imperative to know which posts they like. What are your referral sources, are you getting many visitors on a daily basis, or has traffic decreased? Well, when you use Analytiks - Google Analytics app you can instantly see and keep track of how your site is performing. Keep tabs of your Google and other traffic, countries that visit the most, top browsers, time visitors spend on your site, and other pertinent information in helping you grow your site. Check out the many valuable, updated features of this website analytic iPhone app using Google's data:

- Visitors stats
- Variety of themes
- Up to 10x Faster performance with Google Analytics
- Improved tilt for landscape graphs and stats
- Improved Desktop vs Mobile data
- Improved support for high traffic websites
- Improved UI details
- Sleek dashboard that is easy on the eyes
- Beautiful interface facilitates your needs with ease

With Analytiks - Google Analytics enjoy a 5-weeks pageviews graph for your websites, as well as a Google Analytics graph of the last 3 quarters. Remember, you can use your phone in landscape mode here to make viewing easier.

The terrific thing about Analytiks app is that it tracks stats for up to 5 different websites with your Google Analytics account. Information you can reap from this handy app includes: pageviews, visitors, time on site, top browsers, demographics and other good stuff.

If you haven't made an infographic before, you can now create one from your Google Analytics stats easily. Use social networks such as Twitter, Facebook or email to share your results. Learn about your audience, which posts or articles are effective on your website, and all the million-and one-details that make your website a high performance one.

COOL CONCLUSION: Every web master should take advantage of Analytiks - Google Analytics app to monitor their website's traffic, audience and multiple facts to help improve their site's standings.
--Date/Version: Updated 9/29/12 - Version 2.0.3
--iOS/Age Rating:  This app requires iOS 5.0 or later. Rated 4+.
--Device: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad
--Developer: Blatt Labs, Inc.

Analytiks - Google Analytics app

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