September 30, 2012

Vic Mahfood

CoinKeeper HD: personal finance app for budget, bills and expense tracking

Developer Quote: "Get a sweeping view of your finances: income sources, accounts, expenses and financial goals - everything on one screen with CoinKeeper HD!"

- COST:     Free     - APP STORE STARS:     4-1/2
- Categories: Business, Budget, Finance, Lifestyle, Native

Accounting can be a boring task, especially when it comes to doing your budget spreadsheets, paying bills, and taking a look at all your "vast" income! If you haven't already incorporated budget worksheets and keeping up with your finances into weekend tasks, I'd have to suggest using CoinKeeper HD to get you started on this sensible and very important task (although it's not the same as a day at the beach!)

CoinKeeper HD makes practical, easy-to-understand charts with accompanying numbers to help make your work enjoyable and understandable! Take a look at some of the features included in this budget and finance, money tracking iPad app:

- Quick start with autobudgeting mode
- One-screen overview of your finances
- Multiple accounts and currencies
- Record transactions by simply dragging coins from accounts into expenses
- Instantly know where you are overspending by the fill level and color of each expense category/coin
- Create your own subcategories to know exactly how you spend your money
- Set financial goals to save money for things you’re dreaming about faster
- Reminders of upcoming bills & recurring transactions
- Spending and income stats on neat charts
- Motivational elements help you enjoy saving money
- Password protection of your data

- Instant or daily server backup to safely secure your data
- Synchronization between multiple devices with the same personal profile for shared budgeting
- One-click history of transactions
- View history of transactions by taping on any income source, account or expense category
- Set transactions’ frequency and add notes
- Income, accounts, expenses and goals on one screen
- Income source panel (green) shows where your money comes from and how much
- Accounts panel (red) displays where you store your money, cash or non-cash
- Expense categories panel (black) lets you track what you spend your money on with a customizable budget for each category
- Financial goals panel (yellow) shows what you are saving for and how much
- Easily rearrange icons, and customize category names and budgets to your needs

The pie and bar charts are infinitely helpful in providing quick and current info on your financial situation. The little gold buttons depicting new transactions are easily be dragged on your screen as you need them. The foresight gained by being able to see how much you are spending and on what particular item over any specified time period is quite invaluable! The clever and unique design of this iPad app makes boring spreadsheets a thing of the past. Colorful, clear design, loads of statistics and manipulations on your numbers plus the ability to sync to your iPhone makes this app extremely valuable.

I would have to say that making income, accounts, expenses and goals visible on one page though is the icing on the cake. It is so helpful to view all the important factors in one place. No more excuses needed for accounting tasks thanks to CoinKeeper HD! If you had the choice of an innovative, mobile and feature laden app versus a spreadsheet on your desktop, which would you choose? Case closed, no answer needed here!
COOL CONCLUSION: CoinKeeper HD: personal finance app for budget is a remarkably clever app that provides you with the current and future statistics you need to make your personal bookkeeping enjoyable, understandable and simply accurate.
--Date/Version: Updated 9/11/12 - Version 1.0.2
--iOS/Age Rating:  This app requires iOS 5.0 or later. Rated 4+.
--Device: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad
--Developer: SMS Services O.o.o.


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