September 7, 2012

Vic Mahfood

PrintCentral Pro

Developer Quote: "PrintCentral Pro is the essential printing app for the iPad. Print to ALL printers (not just AirPrint Printers)."

- COST:     $9.99     - APP STORE STARS:     4-1/2
- Categories: Business, Communications, iPad, Lifestyle, Native, Utilities, Productivity

Recently I upgraded my home office equipment by purchasing an HP Wireless Printer. That thing just really makes me smile. I can be downstairs and print photos upstairs. Or be in one room and send homework sheets to the printer in another. When I go to collect my papers, they are all nicely printed. Hey, what if you don't have a wireless printer though? Let's face it, there are still many who do not. It's not as though printers go bad, and you have to often run out and buy another!

Then I found Print Central Pro... This amazing office utility (office..because it does so much more than support wireless printing), made me wonder how I ever got along without it! Sure I have a wireless printer now, but the one in my business office is not. I can send virtually anything I want to that printer from my iPad (and you can also purchase the iPhone version). But there is so much more than that! PrintCentral Pro converts files to PDF documents. It zips, unzips and opens files, is an upgraded email assistant, facilitates storage just about everywhere, and even prints shipping labels! I would certainly encourage everyone to take a look at the features of this fully loaded print utility and office manager iPad app:

Printing Capabilities
- Prints via (Network/WiFi/USB/Bluetooth) using your Mac or PC or direct to most WiFi printers without additional software
- Print to AirPrint printers
- Print from other Apps using "Open in"
- USB & Bluetooth printers can be used with free print server software (Windows & Mac)
- Print remotely via 3G, 4G or Cloud
- Print using ALL the same document formats to ALL printers used by your Mac/PC
- Browse and print web pages to ALL printers
- Copy & print maps from any map app that allows copy
- Print SMS/Text messages, Copy, open PrintCentral Pro and print
- Print contacts
- Print address/shipping labels

PDF Converter & Calendar built in
- Convert Office & iWork files, email, attachments & web pages to PDF
- Print/View Day/Week/Month calendar
- Email your calendar as PDF
- Integrated with Exchange & Google Calendar

Unrivalled Doc Reader & File Storage
- Read, view & print Office files, large size PDFs & ALL iWork files + many more formats
- Open & Print files directly into PrintCentral from other apps using "Open in..."
- Zip/Unzip files for reading & printing

Upgrade your Email
- Higher featured email app built into PrintCentral
- View multiple email accounts in single inbox or on their own
- Full email field search - across multiple accounts
- Multiple email signatures with images, formatted text
- Print & save email, and attachments for resending

WiFi Hard Drive + Cloud Transfer
- Mount your iPad as a hard disk on your Mac or PC
- Full cloud services app - iCloud, CloudMe, Dropbox, GoogleDocs,, WebDAV
- Move/Print documents on your iPad from your Cloud account

I realize the above is a long list of features, and you may not want to check out each one. But that's exactly my point! PrintCentral Pro is a wealth of much needed options and solutions to make your personal and business work so much simpler and accessible at all times. Something else I found out is that you get help super quickly should you need it. Naturally, I had several questions on my mind. After contacting PrintCentral's help, I received an email within the hour trying to troubleshoot my questions. Help is available 24/7, folks!

There is an amazingly thorough Guide which you must read just to be pleasantly surprised by all the little "gifts" this app provides. I am still checking out the manual as I love discovering new tricks. Some things I like about PrintCentral Pro are the options available when printing, such as: Paper Size, Duplex Printing, Print Orientation, Grayscale, Scale%, Cover Page (Fax cover or Print Summary), Paper Tray, and From Name. Using my iPhone's native print facility, I only have the option to choose two items: Printer and No. of copies. So, which print utility would you prefer? This is a no-brainer, isn't it!

So many great features are contained here. There are tons of options built into the email app, specifically the multiple email signatures, printing and saving email and attachments to send again to someone else, mounting my iPad as a hard disk so I can comb through it, printing maps, pieces of my calendar and even texts. Well, my list of favorites is too lengthy to continue! Try PrintCentral Pro for yourself and smile in pleasure at the clever little items built in, just as I did.

COOL CONCLUSION: PrintCentral Pro makes your office printing and file management so easy to handle with its wealth of options ranging from printing tools to email to file storage options straight from your iPad.
--Date/Version: Updated 6/4/12 - Version 2.3
--iOS/Age Rating:  This app requires iOS 3.2 or later. Rated 4+.
--Device: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad
--NOTE: PrintCentral Pro is also available for iPhone here.
--Developer: EuroSmartz Ltd.

PrintCentral Pro

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