September 11, 2012

Vic Mahfood

Shave Santa

Developer Quote: "Shave Santa is chock-full of fun and activity! Enjoy bonus features of Days Til Christmas Calendar and Decorate the Christmas Tree!"

- COST:     99 cents     - APP STORE STARS:     2-1/2
- Categories: Entertainment, Games, Holidays, Native, Universal

Santa still brings magical thoughts to my mind when I hear that beloved, familiar word. So what if I'm a grown-up? The mystical, jolly, and bright red figure of my childhood still lights up the Christmas season for many families worldwide. With Shave Santa, both you and the kids will love the antics of Santa, as well as the many other included activities. Take a look at some of the cute features in this universal iPhone, iPad Christmas with Santa holiday app:

- Santa's Elves
- Scissors
- Razor
- Hair Dryer
- 14 Hair Colors
- 6 Shampoos
- Rinse
- Comb
- Ornaments
- Fun Reactions
- Christmas Music
- Take a picture
- High resolution graphics
- Share with friends

o SHAVE SANTA after you've trimmed his white locks!
~ Touch the razor, then use your finger to give Santa a nice clean shave.
~ Color and rinse Santa's five-o'clock shadow for more fun!

o SPRAY-ON HAIR COLOR with 14 Hair Spray Colors!
~ Select a Spray-On Hair Color, then drag your finger on Santa's hair.
~ The Christmas Tree-Top Star changes color as the hair color changes!

o SHAMPOO as you make Suds with 6 different color Bubble Shampoos!
~ Just touch one of the Shampoos, then drag your finger across Santa's beard and hair.

o RINSE with Santa's watery Snowman friend!
~ Touch the Snowman to start the water, then drag your finger across Santa's beard and hair.
~ Water rinses bubbles...and color too!

o BLOW DRY Santa's hair and beard using the blow dryer.
~ Touch the blow dryer, then drag your finger on Santa's belly and the screen to blow-dry Santa's hair...he loves it!

o CUT Santa's beard so you can give him a nice, clean shave.
~ Touch the scissors then drag your finger to trim Santa's beard his hair.

o REACTIONS abound as you watch Santa and the Elves react!

o CHRISTMAS MUSIC plays in two lively Christmas songs

o TAKE A PICTURE and send it to your friends!

~ Santa keeps a calendar handy so you can see everyday how many days are left 'til Christmas.

~ Cute ornaments and blinking lights! Be sure to add jingle bells!

That's a long list of Christmas fun! You can see how many cute activities are included in Shave Santa. From the rollicking Christmas jingles to the ever-so-colorful red, green, white high-res screens with candycanes and elves all the way to Santa in his own hair salon! Listen to the blowdryer and the scissors snipping that beard and hair! The razor is buzzing away while Christmas lights are twinkling in the background.

Press and hold the gift to the right of the hairdryer, and the selection of spray can hair colors will appear. Tap a can to spray Santa's hair. Now tap the gift to the right of the spray cans, and the colored sudsy shampoos will appear! Go ahead and tap a bottle to shampoo Santa, then tap the snowman to rinse. Lots of great sound effects and pretty colors to enjoy here. Tap the gift to the right of the bottles, and here is where you will find the ornaments to decorate the tree! This is one of my favorite activities! No mess, no broken ornaments with Shave Santa! Just use your imagination and decorate to your heart's content. (These last 3 gift icons to their respective activities may be a bit sticky in not easily swiping).

Tap the jingle bell icon any time you want to hear this merry sound, and select off for the Christmas music, although I enjoy listening to the festive sound. Jiggle Santa and hear him laugh, comb his hair neatly and give him a shampoo. Keep track of how many days left till Christmas with the calendar in the background. As of today, it's 105 days till that very special occasion!

I don't see why this app doesn't have a higher rating, as with the upgrade there is an abundance of exciting, colorful features! In fact, there are so many delightful family activities in Shave Santa, you'll want to get started on your own Christmas right now! I promise your kids will thank you for giving them an early start with Santa!
COOL CONCLUSION:  There's no better time to celebrate Christmas than now and every day! Play with Santa in his hair salon and interact with all the accessories that tickle this jolly, old man in Shave Santa.
 --Date/Version: Updated 9/5/12  -  Version 1.2
--iOS/Age Rating:  This app requires iOS 4.3 or later. Rated 4+.
--Device: Universal: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad
--Developer: Fava Games
Shave Santa

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