October 23, 2012

Vic Mahfood

Connect5 NeoN

Developer Quote: "Place five pieces in a row and you win playing Connect5 NeoN! Challenge the computer through 8 levels from beginner to master."

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How many times have you played Connect 4 as a child with the plastic board into which you slip the little round, colored discs. Usually you play with one opponent in that version. With Connect5 NeoN, stretch your mind a bit and connect 5 grids on your board using neon "x"s and "o"s on your iPad and playing against the genius of the computer! This game is quite a challenge and a lovely twist on the old, classic game. Have a look at some of the fun features of this iPad spatial puzzle game:

- Play through 8 levels
- Three board sizes (8x8 - 10x10 - 12x12)
- "NeoN" graphic style
- Infinite undo levels
- Game statistics
- Automatic game save
- Play solo with an artificial player
- Full support to retina display with HD graphics

If you fancy yourself a master of connect style games, you will be challenged with 8 levels of play in Connect5 NeoN as you try your luck against the AI (artificial player who will test your wits)! There are 3 board sizes from which you can choose depending on how long you want to play. The overall tone tone neon theme color of the game is very pleasing in its simplicity.

Digiluna always provides a fine puzzle game for all ages. From the start of the trademark launch screen with floating stars to the ease of operation and navigation throughout the game. As you may know, the goal of Connect5 NeoN is to create a row of five "o"s or "x"s in any direction in a straight line. Tap Play, take a look at the Settings and Instructions, and then Tap New Game to begin. Tap Board Size selection as well as complexity AI level. Finally, select if you want to play as "x" or "o", then you're off to an exciting, mind-tugging game!

COOL CONCLUSION: Connect5 NeoN provides a fresh new take on this old-style, spatial puzzle game with its fluorescent game markers and difficulty levels guaranteed to engage you for hours.
--Date/Version: Released 10/20/12 - Version 1.0
--iOS/Age Rating:  This app requires iOS 4.3 or later. Rated 4+.
--Device: iPad
--Developer: Digiluna

Connect5 NeoN

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