October 14, 2012

Vic Mahfood

Tips & Tricks: Taking Panorama Pics (iOS 6)

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Taking Panorama Pics

It's awesome to take a Panorama pic when you have a family gathering or beautiful scenery around.

- Tap Camera/ -Options / -Panorama

A 3-line grid will appear with an arrow on the center line pointing right. If you wish to capture scenery to the right:
- Tap the shutter button.
- Keep the camera vertical and slowly turn right. Make sure the arrow is floating steadily on center line.

If you prefer scenery veering left:
- Tap the arrow so it flips to point left.
- Tap the shutter button.
- Slowly move your camera to the left keeping your arrow steady on center line.

- A message will appear advising you to Slow Down or Move Arrow Up or Down to center it if you are wobbly!

- Tap your shutter button to end your shot and your new panoramic pic will be placed in your photo album!

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