November 8, 2012

Vic Mahfood

Virtual Human Body

Developer Quote: "Discover what’s hiding within your body: locate the various organs in their context, and learn more about their functions with Virtual Human Body."

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- Categories: Education, Health and Fitness, Medical, Native, Universal

Being in the medical field, I'm often eager to pick up on as much information as possible about the human body, illnesses and other medical issues. There are a few medical apps on my phone. However, Virtual Human Body, is quite diverse in its own way as it affords a complete view of the human body. And not just the skeleton either! Explore the skin, muscles, organs and bones of this realistic virtual body. Let's take a look at the many useful and unique features of this iPhone and iPad medical and educational app of the human body:

• 11 systems of the human body depicted through our lifelike model
• Over 1000 anatomical structures named and defined
• Anatomical dictionary including a textual search engine
• Possibility to overlap two systems so as to better visualize the interrelations between bones, muscles and organs
• Three display modes:
        * model only
        * model with red markers
       (gives access to the name of each structure)
        * model with overlapping window
       (allows you to display two systems simultaneously)
• Various points of view on the human body using:
        * Zoom tool
       (allows you to enlarge a system up to 16 times its original size)
        * Layer tool
       (gives access to cross-sections)
        * Multiple view angles
       (anterior, posterior, lateral, superior and inferior)
• Easy navigation: tap a red marker to access all the information related to an anatomical structure.
• A search engine to quickly locate a structure and situate it in its context
• A rich anatomical dictionary

On launching Virtual Human Body, you can select to Start Here, or get Help on how to navigate the app. The Help button contains a short series of scroll through screens with descriptions on each icon which will appear with the body in your lower display. The instructions are simple to understand and concise.

Start Here brings up the model of the human body. Tap to open the Systems list and select from 11 choices including: Morphology, Skeleton, Muscles, Nervous System and more. Choose which Layer to view. The first pertains to the main view, while each other Layer corresponds to a cross section. Also, you may choose which view you'd like to examine first: from Anterior, Posterior or Lateral. Tap the Pins button and you'll see a series of red pins appear. Now, when you tap each of these, the name of that body part appears with a brief description about it. When you tap Dual View, a helpful overlay will display the normal exterior of the human body over the skeletal visual. This serves to pinpoint where each body part is located exactly.

I was quite impressed with the details contained in the app which at the same time were all clearly explained. Virtual Human Body could well be a first-class helper to students in anatomy, biology or science classes. Conversely, a teacher could use this app to show all the details of the human body for it serves as a sort of road map to outline each and every tiny feature. Let me not forget to add the Search bar which when tapped provides an alphabetical terminology listing of every item included in the human body. Not only that - but when the terminology is tapped, you will then zoom in on the corresponding body part!

We definitely recommend this thorough educational tool to anyone of an age to learn about anatomy for any reason whatsoever. The display on iPad, as this is a Universal app, is wonderfully large and clear, thus perfect for the classroom. Push your mind a little further as you explore and discover all the wonders of the human body!

COOL CONCLUSION: Harness the intelligence included in Virtual Human Body to fill your mind with as many details as possible about the body, done in an easy-to-understand format with clear visuals and excellent accompanying descriptions.
--Date/Version: Updated 10/22/12 - Version 1.4
--iOS/Age Rating:  This app requires iOS 4.3 or later. Rated 12+.
--Device: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad
--Developer: QA International

iconVirtual Human Body

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