December 3, 2012

Vic Mahfood

Meeting Minutes

Developer Quote: "Meeting Minutes is a comprehensive solution for managing meetings."

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Prior to my days in the medical field as well as the discovery and sharing of iOS apps here, I worked in the banking business. That was one field in which there were daily meetings, often three a day, to discuss loans, interest rates, customer defaults, mortgages, you name it! Usually I was in charge of arranging the meeting and reports, along with noting the minutes, including who said what when! I have to sigh very sadly and loudly here because I could have really used this app back then instead of doing everything manually!

Meeting Minutes is a fantastic way to track every bit of information, every attendee, every spoken thought and deed that takes place in meetings. It offers a complete package of organization in recalling all the details of meetings using the various media offered by your device including scanning, recording and taking photos. Feast your eyes on all the features this loaded iPad business notetaking meeting app has to offer:


- Visual seating for 20 attendees
- 3 different meeting rooms themes and tables
- Ability to move attendee chairs around the table
- Drag and drop an attendee chair at the exit sign to delete from a meeting.
- Representation of tele-attendees


- Scheduling from imported calendar
- Scheduling from imported previous meetings
- Two way synch with the calendar
- Geo tagging when scheduling meetings
- Adding attendees and documents while scheduling a meeting
- Scheduling recurring meetings
- Invite other attendees by sharing scheduled meeting calender


- Ability to copy and paste agenda items from any text and every line will be added as a separate agenda item.
- Ability to change the order of the agenda items


- Keep meeting documents within the meeting room drawer.
- Drag documents to the meeting table to associate with the current meeting
- View documents while taking text notes
- View documents at full screen
- Support for PDF, iWork, MS Office, RTF and simple Text files
- Search capability within the documents drawer
- Search filters for documents and photos


- Adding text notes
- Adding handwritten notes or drawings
- Shortcuts on the meeting table for notes
- Any text, handwritten notes or drawings are included automatically within the meeting minutes


- Selecting meeting attendees when scheduling the meeting or on the go during the meeting.
- Highlight all attendees and with one click they are all represented on the meeting table
- Edit the details of the attendee and write your own personal comments
- Mark the attendee as a male or a female
- Import attendees from the contacts or add them manually
- Two way synch with the iPad contacts
- Intelligent search for attendees


- Clear recording for many hours
- Labeling who is currently talking to easily identify during the playback
- Archive recording files for all past meetings which can be exported using the iTunes


- Capturing whiteboard snapshots while in a meeting
- Scan documents and attach to meeting minutes
- Right and left handed photo taking positions
- Capture photo to the attendees or the meeting room to visually remember later the meeting.
- Ability to save the photo taken with a unique name.


- Take action points during the meeting
- Assign attendees to the action points taken
- Define a due date for every single action point
- Ability to add action points directly to the attendee by long pressing the attendee chair
- Send action points directly to the attendee


- Archive meeting text and handwritten notes plus the drawing.
- Ability to play back the recorded files and showing the name of the speaker.
- Archive all general meeting info plus a snapshot of the meeting table along with the seating arrangement of the meeting attendees.
- Archive the meeting minutes with the ability to re-open and modify.


- Automatically generate the minutes of the meeting if chosen when exiting a meeting.
- Ability to edit the meeting minutes
- An edit toolbar that contains bold, italic and underlined lines , large and small font size , different colors and different fonts.
- View and edit the MoM in full screen
- Exporting the meeting minutes to the Dropbox account.
- Open In feature for the meeting minutes
- Ability to print the MoM
- Sharing and sending the minutes by email to all attendees.
- Attaching meeting documents to the MoM

There are many features that I am thrilled about with Meeting Minutes. First of all, the Visual Seating map serves to jog your memory in the event you forget who was speaking at any particular point. Secondly, the Meeting Agenda - though a simple item - often gets changed a multitude of times prior to a meeting. It is a treat to be able to so easily regenerate and re-order the Agenda here. Recording the Meeting and labeling the speaker is a terrific help, while automatically generating the minutes of the meeting is a godsend.

If you are in that position of being responsible for preparing for meetings and capturing every blessed moment of those meetings in your workplace then Meeting Minutes will undoubtedly be the app you must have close at hand to save you time, keep you organized, and keep your brain safe from a meltdown during these important and very busy occasions.

COOL CONCLUSION: Meeting Minutes is a treasure trove of business organizational strategies put to good use in recording all details in every possible way of daily meetings
--Date/Version: Updated 12/1/12 - Version 2.2
--iOS/Age Rating:  This app requires iOS 5.1 or later. Rated 4+.
--Device: iPad
--Developer: Youxel Technology

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