March 3, 2013

Vic Mahfood

Pilo3: An Interactive Children's Story Book-3D Animation-Cooking Game

Developer Quote: "With Pilo3, experience an amazing world of imagination and a warm pillow doll in your dream every night with 3D animations of friends in the dream world and interactive effects."

- COST:     $2.99     - APP STORE STARS:     5
- Categories: Books, Education, Elementary School, Entertainment, Games, Preschool Universal

Toddlers love to tap, touch and play with beautiful colors and sweet characters. Soft music and happy voices soothe and calm children, especially at bedtime. This is the perfect time to pull out the lovely animated and interactive book of Pilo3: An Interactive Children's Story Book-3D Animation-Cooking Game.

This storybook is part of a 3D series produced by Arcreative. There are many educational and moral values to be gained through the charming interactive activities. Have your child select a boy or girl for his or her character, snuggle up with you and get ready for a moonlit adventure to Dream Land. Let's take a look at the features of this iPad 3D interactive, animated storybook:

- Real-time 3D Story books
- Language choice: English/Chinese/ Korean recorded by professional artists
- 3D animation in Dream Land with interactivity
- Play with lovable characters: Tommy, Pippi, Cookie and Toto
- Change Pilo's clothes in his colorful wardrobe
- Interactions in 7 scenes, soundtracks and animated effects engage children in reading
- Children learn a few tips and tricks of the kitchen and good behavior
- Take a train ride through Dream Land

Pilo3 opens to sparkling scenery with twinkling lights and stars. Pilo (Dream Land tour guide), Tommy (little boy) and Cookie (the pig) are sitting at a table in front of pancakes. If your child is a girl and wants to play that part, simply tap the the icon with the child's face at the top of the screen. Touch Pilo's stocking to change his wardrobe whenever you feel like! Tap Pilo's name to spread beautiful gold stars around. Tap the circle icon for the language you wish to use (English, Chinese, Korean). Lastly touch the book icon to see the 7 scenes that will be included in this interactive activity book!

Tap Play to start the fun! Tommy is offered dinner by his Mom, but doesn't want any. He goes to bed sadly, and you just know that he has had a rough day! Pilo takes him to Dream Land to cheer him up. But how can we open the door to Dream Land? Well, you must select the same shapes to fit the silhouette in the frame! Drag them to the door and it opens to the colorful and magical world! The Pipi brother birds are there, along with Cookie the chef (who is an adorable piggy, by the way). There is an oven in the kitchen, rainbow colors and fruit of all kind. Tap the fruit to cut them and hear their names as golden stars appear. Flip pancakes by touching them while they sizzle on the grill.

Make Toto's special birthday cake with Cookie. Select from delicious cake options on the right. Add candles and ornamentation from the left to complete this special cake. Now that it's baked and all is ready, it's time to take it to Toto to celebrate her birthday! First, you must make a train by tapping the carriage boxes to put them in the correct slots on the shape below. Tap the colored circles to make the train's wheels, then see them start to spin. Tommy, Cookie, Pilo and Pippi set off on their train ride through night-time stars, on a rainbow train track accompanied by the whistle of the train. Toto, the patchwork rabbit, greets Cookie and thanks her for the beautiful cake, while Cookie thanks all for their help and they enjoy Toto's party. The story ends when it's time for breakfast, and Tommy is now happy to waken with happy thoughts of a magical sleep last night. Pilo3 is the perfect way to ensure happy dreams and subtle learning for your little one.
COOL CONCLUSION: Pilo3: An Interactive Children's Story Book-3D Animation-Cooking Game provides gentle lessons in good deeds and spatial activities while inducing a sense of peace in your child at bedtime.
--Date/Version: Updated 2/7/13 - Version 1.9
--iOS/Age Rating:  This app requires iOS 3.2 or later. Rated 4+.
--Device: Universal: Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation), iPod touch (5th generation) and iPad. Optimized for iPhone 5.
--Developer: ARCREATIVE CO., Ltd.
--Facebook: Pilo World
--NOTE: Be sure to also check out Pilo2 on the App Store.

iconPilo3:An Interactive Children's Story Book-3D Animation-Cooking Game

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