April 18, 2013

Vic Mahfood

iLearn With Bo: Nutrition and Healthy Eating!

Developer Quote: "Knowing the food groups and how to eat well are very important concepts covered in Preschool and Kindergarten. Bo will lead your child through an exploration of the vast world of food in iLearn With Bo: Nutrition and Healthy Eating!"

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We send kids to preschool in order to get an early start on their education and self development. A great many apps are dedicated to writing, reading and arithmetic - all the foundations of learning. What about a healthy lifestyle though? Having worked in the school district for years, I've seen children pull out candy or cookies for snacks, and eat fries with macaroni for lunch. Sure this is all part of finicky childhood eating, but children need to learn from an early age what nutrition will benefit them down the road, and what will hurt them. They need to understand food groups, and the importance of eating grains, meats, fruits and veggies in a balanced diet.

iLearn With Bo: Nutrition and Healthy Eating! created by child development experts, Tribal Nova, teaches all the fundamentals of healthy eating that kids must learn. In this nutrition education iPhone and iPad app for kids, children will learn what can be safely consumed, discover similar foods, and place food items in the correct groups. Lots of encouragement from the cheerful Bo, along with beautiful graphics and animations all encourage your child to explore the fascinating world of healthy food choices. Let me share with you a few features of this very important nutritional app:

- 3 fun games instructed by Kids' CBC character, Bo
- Primary Skills taught: Science and Nutrition
- Secondary Skills taught: Visual and kinaesthetic learning, listening and comprehension, critical thinking
- Nutrition, common sense, logic and good health are the key goals
- Self-adjusting levels of difficulty
- Unique progress tracker for parents
- Detailed success stats for your child that can be compared with children the same age
- Recommended learning path personalized for your child
- 27 fun rewards and medals to motivate your child to learn
- Designed with educational and child development experts
- The first iLearn With app to be released in English, French and Spanish
- FREE to download - parents may unlock full version with a single in-app purchase of $2.99
- Part of the iLearnWith program for kids 3 to 6 designed to get your child ready for school

Most kids enjoy eating, but with Bo's assistance, they will certainly learn to consume good, healthy, snacks and meals even more. The colorful illustrations of food items which kids will swipe to move around will no doubt prompt children to ask Mom to try one or two of these yummy foods in the fridge or pantry! There are 3 interactive games kids can play with 3 difficulty levels for each. The amount of items discussed increase with each progressive level. The games cover these themes: Decide which foods are healthy, and which should not be eaten, sort foods into designated food groups, and choose foods which will produce a healthy meal.

First of all, tap on a door, and select your difficulty level. In the Feed the Bears activity placed in an outdoors setting, put edible items like broccoli, pears, apples in a basket, and your child will be praised for their common sense. No sugary or fatty foods please! If you click on inedible foods such as scissors or paper, the item will remain in the background. This first activity eases your child into Nutrition and Healthy Eating ! Fun games to teach kids about balanced diet.

When you open another door to play Cook Magic Potions in a kitchen setting, your child will experiment with foods from different groups. There are two cooks (in Level 1) with designated pots in which related food items must be placed. Bo will speak aloud each item. Chicken legs will go in the "meat and proteins" pot, while bread will go in the "grains" pot. The pots will change to different food groups as you work through the activity.

On opening the third door, you will be placed in a very festive setting because it is the Penguin's Birthday Feast! And your child is going to help prepare it! A tray of 3 compartments (in Level 1) is placed on the table, and your child must swipe food items into each of the 3 compartments on the tray to make a balanced meal. For example, you could place a meat, a grain and a vegetable on the tray, but not two grains and a meat. Bo congratulates, "Yes you did it" when correct, and gently says, "Oops", encouraging children to try again when wrong.

When your little one completes a level, he or she has won a new gift, and Bo tells kids to go to her spaceship to find it there. Her constant reiteration of food groups and their related foods helps kids remember what a balanced meal with healthy foods should resemble. Parents, teachers and guardians visit the Parents Center to check your child's progress along the way. Check their "Science" progress to see their ratings in the Balanced Meals, Food Groups and Healthy Eating areas. The benefits to good nutrition must never be under-estimated when it comes to keeping our kids healthy with sound minds and bodies!

COOL CONCLUSION: What more exciting way is there to train a child about good nutrition than with the practical, engaging and colorful learning activities in iLearn With Bo: Nutrition and Healthy Eating!
--Date/Version: Released 4/18/13 - Version 1.0
--iOS/Age Rating:  This app requires iOS 4.3 or later. Rated 4+.
--Device: Universal: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad
--Developer Link: Tribal Nova
--SPECIAL NOTE: See the other excellent, educational apps in the iLearn With series
--Twitter: @ilearnwith
--Facebook: i Learn With

iLearn With Bo: Nutrition and Healthy Eating!

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