May 22, 2013

Vic Mahfood

300 Sleep Relax Sounds : Melodies : Brainwaves

Developer Quote: "Let AmbiScience™ and 300 Sleep & Relax Sounds take you on a sonic journey with a combination of ambient electronica and a variety of several effective programs that attune your brain to desired states of mind using the BEST frequencies."

- COST:     $2.99     - APP STORE STARS:     4
- Categories: Clock, Health & Fitness, Lifestyle, Medical, Native, Timer

So many people simply drop into bed at night and fall into a deep sleep. Not me! First of all, I stay up way too late, thinking, working, writing. When I finally force myself to turn off the light, it's usually past midnight (meaning I get a whopping 6 hours sleep nightly)! But the real problem is that by the time lights are out, my brain is whirring too fast to sleep. I need to wind down somehow. Enter 300 Sleep Relax Sounds : Melodies : Brainwaves. This app improves your sleeping habits and has several training features to correct things about your resting and memory issues. Here are a some of the many features of this iPhone sleep and relaxation app:

- 50+ Professional Long Ambient Tracks
- 190+ Sound Hit Intervals
- 40+ Nature and Sound Loops
- 19 Brainwave Entrainment Effects
- Create your own custom programs
- NEW! INTERVALS feature
- Multitasking background audio available
- Play your iPod music with entrainment
- Perfect Seamless Loops
- Full-Featured presets / Multi-Track Save
- Countdown Timer with fader
- Alarm with Snooze option
- Auto Quit/Exit feature
- Adjustable independent volumes

Some of the soothing ambient music loop sounds you'll hear in this app are:
Through the Gate, Dreaming in the Rain, Approaching Zentropia, Planetside, Rainy Forest, The Lake, Underwater Ocean Tour, Oceanview, Rain and the City, Lost Moments, The Inner Temple as well as the capability to make your own custom tracks!

There are over 40 nature and sound loops. A small sampling of these are:
Airplane Cabin, BassPulse, Birds, Campfire, Chimes, City Sounds, Crickets, Fan Machine, Fish Tank, Forest Day, Underwater, Waterfalls, Wind etc. FREE SHIPPING

You will also enjoy almost 200 interval sound hits and 19 brainwave and entrainment programs of which you will most definitely make use. I personally like the Power Nap and Deep Sleep program. Others may prefer the Memory Improvement or 12 min Sleep Program. There are so many useful choices, it is difficult to decide which to try out first.

When you are using Isochronic mode, headphones are not required. However, in Binaural mode, you would need a headset. 300 Sleep & Relax Sounds... warrants your attention as it only leads to a more peaceful and rested state of mind.
COOL CONCLUSION: Make use of soothing music loops, nature sounds and the AmbiScience method to get the rest and mind training you need and deserve with 300 Sleep Relax Sounds : Melodies : Brainwaves.
--Date/Version: Updated 10/26/12 - Version 1.1
--iOS/Age Rating:  This app requires iOS 4.2 or later. Rated 4+.
--Device: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad
--Developer: Tesla Software

icon300 Sleep Relax Sounds : Melodies : Brainwaves

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