June 10, 2013

Vic Mahfood

Galileo Organ

Developer Quote: "Galileo is the professional tonewheel & transistor modeling organ for your iPad and iPad Mini. Galileo's 11 unique organ types recreate anything from a leaky old 300-pounder to the transistor-most of the red boxes."

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A musical organ produces the most amazing combination of sounds that can totally transform a song. Whether it is a church organ or one in a band, the sound is rich and full while adding many dimensions to a song. Galileo Organ is a most amazing simulated organ with a plethora of features to produce remarkable sound. This organ has 3 manuals, scanner vibrato/chorus emulation, percussion module & settable organ parameters such as leakage, keyclick, and attack & release mode. Galileo boasts MIDI implementation, Audiobus input & effects, a built-in arpeggiator, tapedeck and more. To take the goodies further, you'll find 240 factory presets that suit the musical tastes of every musician. Check out the features of this organ music iPad app:

- The Organ

• Virtual-Analog tonewheel & transistor organ w/ real time signal generation
• 32-bit floating point pro-grade DSP
• Ultra low-latency audio generation
• Virtual-Tube Preamp & Rotary Cabinet emulator
• 3 individually configurable manuals
• 11 organ types for each manual, including tonewheels in various leakage & tonal characteristics, & unique transistor models
• Scanner Vibrato / Chorus emulation
• Realistic percussion section w/ 2 attack algorithms
• Adjustable drawbar & tonewheel leakage
• Per-manual adjustable attack & release
• Key click amount
• Dedicated pre-FX & post-FX volume controls
• Togglable Bass Foldback
• Adjustable Brilliance for rolling off high end
• Adjustable Upper/Lower manual balance & Pedal manual volume
• Manual Coupling
• MIDI selectable Drawbar Sets
• 48 voice total polyphony

- Rotary Cabinet Simulation

• Faithful emulation of the lush rotary cabinet sound
• State-of-the-art cabinet simulation w/ period-correct frequency response & resonance
• 3 cabinet types, including baffled & open speakers
• Rotary brake & speed toggles
• Adjustable slow & fast speeds
• Adjustable rotor acceleration for realistic speed-up & slow-down effect
• Adjustable drum-to-horn speaker balance
• Adjustable stereo mic seperation
• Rotary effect mix

- Wah/Autowah

• 4 unique wah types
• Adjustable sweep range & center
• Adjustable emphasis
• Togglable autowah w/ 5 sweep curves
• Continuous, key-reset & one-shot sweep modes
• Sweep rate & phase
• BPM syncing w/ 16 note values
• Velocity tracking for auto sweep depth

- Other FX

• Ring Modulator/Tremolo w/ rate, mix & slow/fast op modes
• Delay w/ time, feedback & mix
• Reverb w/ size, spread, mix & pre-delay
• Configurable signal path

- MIDI & Connectivity

• CoreMIDI & Virtual MIDI
• Audiobus Input & Effect slots
• Dedicated MIDI IO ports for each manual
• MIDI Learn w/ over 130 control destinations
• Use MIDI CCs to control Organ, Drawbars, Effects, Arp
• Universal MIDI access to pedal manual for left-hand bass playing
• Sustain & Expression pedal support
• External clock syncing

- Recording

• Record & share app audio
• Metronome
• Export audio via email, WiFi, SoundCloud, Audio Copy
• Import via WiFi or Audio Paste

There are many other options and features included in this app that are too numerous to describe! The graphics are sharp and just beautiful to add to your enjoyment. See just how authentic Galileo Organ can be when producing your favorite songs.

COOL CONCLUSION: Gorgeous high-def graphics coupled with realistic and rich sound make Galileo Organ a must have for music lovers who wish to produce sound with clarity and depth.
--Date/Version: Released 6/10/13 - Version 1.0
--iOS/Age Rating:  This app requires iOS 5.1 or later. Rated 4+.
--Device: iPad
--Developer: Yonac, Inc.

iconGalileo Organ

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