July 5, 2013

Vic Mahfood

10 iPhone Apps for Keeping the Family's Busy Schedule -(Guest Post)

Whether school is in session or during holidays, families have a way of walking through what I call "the revolving door". Someone is leaving, when a spouse or child is arriving. It's important to remember events, schedules and what not though, so that you can find a way to communicate and be punctual for all events while taking good care of your family.

The folks at www.nannyjobs.net have done a fine job of putting together a way to simplify your life when it comes to meeting the needs of your family members. Have a look at their post which begins below and is completed on their site, 10 of the Best iPhone Apps for Creating and Maintaining a Family Schedule.

"If you want to keep your family well organized, it’s helpful to have the support of today’s advanced app technology. By loading your iPhone up with the best organization apps, you’ll always stay one step ahead and keep on top of your family schedules. You can create to-do lists, calendars and schedules with these ten iPhone apps, which you can then share with the whole family so everyone knows what they need to be doing and when.

1. Chore Hero
icon– For parents who want a little help organizing chores for children, this app is ideal. You can assign chores to each of your children, or use the random function to automatically assign chores. If you want to set up reward schemes for your children, Chore Hero has a very useful profile system (...continue on site page)

2. Dinner Spinner
icon – When it comes to organizing dinner schedules for a family, sometimes a little help is appreciated. Dinner Spinner takes out all the worry of creating a weekly menu for your family. Just by shaking your phone, the app will return great recipes for you to create (...continue on site page)

3. Family Organizer
icon – This free app has both on and offline storage, which means all your events, to-do lists and calendars are always accessible. You can access your account via any iPhone device or your computer (...continue on site page)"

If you are caught in a whirlwind of family activities and events, and could use a helping hand, take a few minutes to discover these amazingly helpful iOS apps that will organize your busy family's life. Just visit the site page using the link below. 10 of the Best iPhone Apps for Creating and Maintaining a Family Schedule has got you covered with practical information, help and tips.

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