August 24, 2013

Vic Mahfood

How Do You Make Your Garden Grow Using iPhone Apps?

In the golden days of summer, we loll about outdoors and enjoy the warmth, scent of flowers and soft sounds of nature. Although plants are best planted in spring, summer is the time to take care of your trees and plants by pruning, spraying and protecting from the heat. How do you know when to accomplish what gardening task, and how to keep your greenery as healthy as possible? Well, has written an extremely helpful article, "10 iPhone Apps That All Gardeners Could Use."

We've been asked to share a helpful list of tips in an assortment of iPhone apps with you. Take a look at these apps, grab a few, whether or not you have a green thumb, and enjoy the remaining days of this lovely outdoor weather! Continue reading the rest of the article on's useful site.

      "It can be frustrating to have to leaf through several books to remind yourself when to plant and harvest each crop. Thankfully, there are iPhone apps that can store all of this information in one place. Whether you are a gardening expert or someone who is just starting out trying to grow a few plants, there is an app for you to help you both learn and enjoy gardening.

Garden Pro!- Garden Pro! helps you to remember all the tasks you have to do for each plant in your garden. It allows you to upload pictures so you can see how much your plants have grown and changed over time. It has a quick reference guide to access the information you need to care for your garden quickly while you are out there working. There is also a complete pest and disease guide included in the app to help garden lovers treat most common problems.
Price: $3.99.

Garden Compass Plant/ Disease Identifier- This app has a really handy feature: if you are not sure what is growing, you can take a picture of it and the app will identify it for you. It will also recognize problems with the plant and give you recommendations for fixing it.
Price: Free

Garden Bugs- Garden Bugs is an app that helps you figure out what insects are destroying your plants and how to keep them away. You can even buy the pest control needed from within the app. It also identifies common diseases.
Price: $0.99

Garden Time Planner- This app was developed by Burpee, a leader in garden supplies. It lets you know when to sow, transplant and harvest your vegetables and herbs. It also keeps track of the weather in your area and tips are personalized accordingly. This app even has a database full of plants and how-to videos.
Price: Free"

So go ahead and get the hose, trimmers, rakes, fertilizers and insecticides out while the weather's nice! Have a go at sprucing up your garden using these wonderfully informative (10 in total) apps compiled by

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