September 20, 2013

Vic Mahfood

Metropolitan HD

Developer Quote: "Metropolitan HD app contains a collection of more than 1500 best paintings of the Metropolitan Museum. Here you will find the works of Rembrandt, Durer, Velasquez, Edgar Degas, Francisco de Goya and many other famous painters."

- COST:     $1.99     - APP STORE STARS:     5
- Categories: Art, Education, Entertainment, Lifestyle, Reference
Who remembers studying art history in college, or better yet writing reams of notes on classic artists in high school? For such a simple, non-core class, there was surely enough information, names and dates to remember! Art was more of a chore in those days. Nowadays, however, since visiting the New York Museum of Modern Art, I developed a great love of fine art and sculptures.

If you want to take the time to savor art at your leisure, take a look at the universal app Metropolitan HD and the many fine paintings photographed therein. Here are some of the features of this classic art museum iPhone, iPad app:

- 1500 paintings of more than 500 masters of painting
- Separation of paintings by genres and authors
- Access to the HD version of works, Paintings Saving in the Photo Album
- Email paintings to your friends and acquaintances
- Publication of paintings on Facebook
- Convenient search for paintings

- Adding paintings to My favorites
- Custom works filter
- Slideshow Mode
- Download paintings for the offline viewing
- Zoom of Paintings

You will find in the stunning and rich photos of this app, famous artwork that you may remember studying in your past. But there are so many centuries worth of painting here, you are going to discover many new goodies to enjoy. Remember those classic paintings:

- “Bullfight" by Francisco de Goya
- "Toledo in a thunderstorm" by El Greco
- "Madame Charpentier with her children" by Renoir
- "The Abduction of Rebecca" by Delacroix
- "Self-Portrait" by Rembrand

1,500 paintings will entrance you with rich, vibrant color. The educational blurb on each painting will impress you with knowledge of the artwork. Being able to obtain the HD version of your favorite paintings are a plus since you can enjoy these as long as you'd like. Happy art surfing while your mind absorbs the educational beauty offered in Metropolitan HD. And, remember to share these timeless beauties!

--Date/Version: Released 7/8/13 - Version 1.0
--iOS/Age Rating:  This app requires iOS 5.0 or later. Rated 4+.
--Device: Universal: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad
--Developer: Evolution Apps


iconiconMetropolitan HD

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