September 17, 2013

Vic Mahfood

Quick Route

Developer Quote: "Quick Route has been designed to give you directions and get out of your way. Search for a destination, hit route and you'll be on the road in no time. Directions automatically advance when you reach the end of the previous step."

- COST:     $4.99     - APP STORE STARS:     4
- Categories: Lifestyle, Locator, Native, Navigation, Travel

Meeting friends and particularly business acquaintances or new prospects punctually is crucial. It leaves such a bad impression to arrive late to an important meeting. Often time, the routing instructions on your GPS unit or phone are skewed and you arrive via a strange roundabout route at your destination. However, Quick Route is designed to be accurate and stay working in the background to get you to your specified location quickly and easily. Quick Route has produced a fine app that combines many excellent features together to form a robust navigation and maps iPhone app package. Check out the features below:

• Bike, Transit, Walking and Driving directions.
• Show rain on different routes with optional in app purchase
• Suggest time to leave to avoid / minimize rain with optional in app purchase.
• Search for addresses, businesses and any other place you can find with Google.
• Autoroute directions track where you are and automatically advance when you reach the end of a step. Autoroute also indicates when you've lost your way and should pull-to-reroute.
• Pull-to-reroute allows you to pull down on the directions panel at anytime to recalculate how to get to you destination.
• Schedule when you want to leave or arrive and select from multiple routing options.

Quick Route has made it easier than ever for you to navigate through all manner of places keeping a clean and clear display screen. For instance, it provides you with directions which advance when you reach to the end of the previous step. Need re-routing because of a slight hiccup in your driving plans? No problem, this app has you pull down the Title Bar (Directions Panel) to get you safely and swiftly back on track. Since this app is powered by Google Places, you can easily find anything you would search on Google, right here in Quick Route.

I particularly like being able to select from multiple routes, and to schedule in advance when I need to leave or arrive at my destination. I would definitely recommend you take a look at this very worthwhile navigation app to enjoy all the features and accuracy it affords you in your travels.
COOL CONCLUSION: Start your business trip, vacation, or even your daily jaunt around town using Quick Route to get you where you need to go just as planned, with no unpleasant surprises!
--Date/Version: Updated 4/19/13 - Version 1.2.1
--iOS/Age Rating:  This app requires iOS 5.0 or later. Rated 4+.
--Device: Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.
--Developer: Excited Pixel


iconiconQuick Route

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