October 16, 2013

instaReady - White background and resize photos for instagram

Developer Quote: "Get your photos instaReady quickly and easily. Add a white border or any color you choose so you can remove the black border when uploading to Instagram."

- COST:     99 cents     - APP STORE STARS:     Not Yet Rated


- Categories: Instagram, Lifestyle, Photos, Photo & Video, Photo Effects

Instagram photographers of many talented levels are at an all time high. I find myself now using the square photo filter on my phone to take my pics before submitting them to Instagram. Talk about convenience! Well, here's another bit of convenience for you! instaReady -White background and resize photos for instagram gives you the simple yet aesthetic option of getting rid of any plain black background on your original photo.

Here's how the simple yet effective procedure goes. Open instaReady, select your photo from your photo album or take a new pic. You can remove the old, unintended, cropped border by pinching or squeezing to adjust to the frame. Tap the color palette to choose from among several colors to complement your photo. Press the arrow to save, or optionally you can choose to open your creation in Instagram, Quick Office, A+ Signature, PhotoGene, or many other photo and video apps supported by instaReady.

Bonus Points: The simplicity of using this app really goes a long way in saving time and frustration in photo creation. A quick color background edit, then best of all upload to many other apps to post or work with your treasured snaps. I'd certainly recommend photographers who use Instagram to try the convenience of instaReady - - White background and resize photos for instagram!

--Date/Version: Updated 9/18/13 - Version 1.1
--iOS/Age Rating:  This app requires iOS 6.0 or later. Rated 4+.
--Device: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad
--Developer: A1 Apps Limited


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