October 30, 2013

Vic Mahfood

The Clock Collection - Platinum Edition

Developer Quote: "The Clock Collection is a fusion of the humble timepiece and artistic expression, featuring a gallery of 40 beautiful, mesmerizing and fun clock faces that explore different ways of visualizing the passage of time."

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Punctuality and watching the clock's inevitable march of time seems to be a way of life for many. Not really for myself though, as I tend to wait till the last minute when the pressure is on, and then gallop to the finish of whatever needs being done! (Yes, I can hear the tongues clicking in sorrow at my bad habits!) In any event, there are thousands of beautiful timepieces that have graced the homes of kings and even paupers all through the years. Nowadays, we don't really need the crystal clock on the mantle, however, as we have a vast array of apps on our devices which do a fine job of timekeeping. The native iPhone app is very efficient, but hardly breathtaking.

However, The Clock Collection - Platinum Edition will certainly give you something to think about. This app contains a plethora of features that are both functional and aesthetic. Here you will find the large amount of 40 timepieces from classic to eclectic to sleekly functional. They all handle the simple job of timekeeping in their own unique way, but of course you will have to look for yourself to see the many options offered in this collection. More than that, each clock can be customized with your own color selections to suit your taste at any time of day or night! Take a look at what this beautiful iPad clock app can do for you:

∙ 40 beautiful, mesmerizing and fun clocks all included in price
∙ Full screen 'live' preview of each locked clock
∙ Hi-Res Retina Graphics for the new iPad
∙ Over 300 professional preset color schemes
∙ Design your own color schemes
∙ Capture colors from your home decor*
∙ Set favorite clock and color schemes
∙ Fully Landscape and Portrait compatible
∙ Optional on-screen date
∙ Fully featured speaking clock
∙ Backlight brightness control
∙ Snooze alarm
∙ Versatile chime functions
∙ Mute and automatic 'Quiet Time' mode
∙ Slideshow mode

* Requires a camera equipped iPad

- Scroll through 40 beautiful, mesmerizing and fun clocks to suit all tastes. To try the clock faces first try the free version of The Clock Collection.

- More than 300 preset color schemes that can be assigned to each of the clocks with just a single tap. There's enough variation here to satisfy all tastes.

- If your iPad has a built in camera, you can capture colors directly from your home decor for a perfectly coordinated color scheme.

- With various docks and stands on the market, rest assured that The Clock Collection will always display in the correct orientation and always look great.

- Enjoy a fantastic speaking clock technology so you can hear the time in three spoken formats. You can touch the screen to hear the time or have the time automatically spoken out when an alarm or chime occurs.

- When you want to use The Clock Collection in a dimly lit room or on your night stand, you have full control of the color and backlight brightness so the display will never be too bright to use.

- The Clock Collection has a complimentary snooze alarm and chime interval functionality. There are 10 beautiful sounds schemes to choose from and you can configure settings for Snooze Interval, Snooze Limit, Chime Frequency and Spoken Time. Also, if you need to be alerted silently, you can set the screen to animate.

- Quiet Time mode allows you to specify the time you go to bed and wake up so during these hours, any Chimes are disabled so your sleep is not disturbed.

Having a clock with this many features is quite a valuable find (especially when it's free!) The speaking clock mode is a clever addition, especially as it is spoken in three formats. Use the backlight feature to adjust the display so your eyes can easily see the time as needed. And don't worry, your precious sleep won't be interrupted by any chimes when you use the disable feature. Start seeing the time as never before, and actually enjoy taking a look at the clock for a change using The Clock Collection!

--Date/Version: Updated 12/2/12 - Version 1.1
--iOS/Age Rating:  This app requires iOS 5.0 or later. Rated 4+.
--Device: iPad
--Developer: Light Pillar



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