December 30, 2013

Vic Mahfood

99 Stamps: Christmas Edition

Developer Quote: "Discover an amazing and breathtaking universe of post stamps. Get carried away by fascinating facts and historical trivia, various cultural aspects...remarkably reflected in a hallmark of our time — a post stamp! with 99 Stamps: Christmas Edition."

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- Categories: Cards, Communications, Education, Entertainment, Holidays, iPad

The splendor of the Christmas season has come and gone. Like many others, I was caught up in the joyful and busy time of year. I had wanted to bring 99 Stamps: Christmas Edition to your attention, but somehow there was never time to attend to writing. Cookies and eggnog were the order of the day! In any event, let me tell you this is an extraordinary app that does many things all at once.

99 Stamps presents you with a series of stamps for various occasions all in different collection books. In this instance, Christmas Edition brings you Christmas from around the world. Each stamp from a different country educates you with a bit of trivia on that particular stamp. Send off your greeting like a real Christmas card with your special stamp inserted. The stamps are colorful and beautiful. The stamp books are created to suit each and every taste in that you can choose your preferred subject via in-app purchases. In this case, however, the Christmas Edition is free on your iPad. Take a look at the many features of this stamp album iPad Christmas app:

— Each collection is created with love, attention to details, meticulously hand-picked and arranged into theme-based albums.

— Distinctive world-traits information in each stamp.

— Realistic picture in HD quality, combined with clean and intuitive interface.

— Stunning graphics and impressive image quality!

— Each stamp is "anatomically" indistinguishable to a real-life equivalent, matching in form and shape.

— Magnifying glass for more precise viewing.

— Built-in greeting card functionality allows to send personalized post cards, sealed with a stamp of choice, directly from within the app via email, twitter or Facebook

— New stamp collections and themed albums are added on regular basis!

- Enjoy realistic stamps that are absolutely identical to the original prototypes including gorgeous resolution quality

- Christmas and New Year, Olympic games, Automobiles, Flora and Fauna are just a few of the many theme subjects to explore.

Turn the pages of your stamp album till you find that special stamp you seek. Enjoy the bit of trivia as you tap on the stamp, the send your unique or vintage postcard to a friend. Stamp collectors you will enjoy this unique and refreshing app. Everyone else will take great pride in selecting a special stamp for their correspondence using 99 Stamps: Christmas Edition.

--Date/Version: Updated 12/28/13 - Version 1.1
--iOS/Age Rating:  This app requires iOS 6.1 or later. Rated 4+.
--Device: iPad
--Developer: 8 Moons Media



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