December 4, 2013

Vic Mahfood

Max & Ruby science educational games

Developer Quote: "Max & Ruby science educational games will get your child ready for school with these fun science learning games for kids in Preschool and Kindergarten!"

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We all know what it's like to have great, reliable friends. In fact, our friends are the ones who subtly teach us the most valuable lessons in life. Kids love the familiarity of well-loved and gentle characters in stories or apps that make them feel good about themselves, much like your best friends do! In the Max & Ruby series by iLearn With, kids discover and become acquainted with several educational and life learning tools that will get them poised for success in school. Max & Ruby science educational games are the latest in the iLearn With series by the renowned Tribal Nova, who know exactly how to work with and encourage kids towards making great learning strides!

In this wonderful educational app, your kids will once again spend time with their beloved Max & Ruby (the clever brother and sister bunnies) who in this app will explain all sorts of things about science! Of course, the adventure is about having fun while learning subconsciously! The two friendly bunnies will teach 2 important concepts: (1) the properties of liquids and (2) the motion of objects! As is the case with this educational series, you get to try out the game for free (including 5 levels), before unlocking the full version (over 40 levels in 2 games). All these levels and games are available with just one in-app purchase of $2.99! The learning advantages to your children and abundance of activities are so worth it!

Let's take a look at how this educational iPhone, iPad science game app will benefit your kids:

- Primary skill taught:
• Physical Science

- Secondary skills:
• Visual and kinesthetic learning
• Observation and matching

- Learning Features:
• Cross-curricular game-based learning program in Math, Science, Literacy, Language and more
• Self-adjusting levels of difficulty
• Unique progress tracker for parents
• Detailed success stats for your child that can be compared with children the same age
• Recommended learning path personalized for your child
• 18 fun rewards and medals to motivate your child to learn
• Designed with educational and child development experts
• Make Believe! – Release your creativity while playing with Max & Ruby and their friends.

The game is loaded with colorful graphics and the soft soothing voices of Max and Ruby. There are many encouraging words spoken throughout as kids perform the activities correctly. On your opening screen, you'll see 3 possible activities: Water Blast, Ball-O-Rama and Make Believe. Tap Water Blast and start with Level 1. Be sure to register before beginning the games. By doing so, you will be able to track your child's progress and rewards throughout time spent on the game.

In the first concept of Properties of Water - Water Blast, kids must connect the right pipes and place the temperature convertors correctly. I love the way this app combines so many types of entertainment with learning. In Water Blast, fitting the pipes together involves a form of jigsaw puzzle action where you slide the right water pipe into place. Then the fun only increases as you touch the faucet to move the water through the connected pipes. Be rewarded with cute scenes such as the bunnies running through a sprinkler or floating around in a kiddie pool. What happens when the cold water heats up and turns into gas? Well that's another valuable lesson kids will learn here. There are rewards your child can earn after completing 3 levels at a time. Be patient because the fun gets turned up a notch with every reward. The bunnies offer plenty of help if you get stuck!

In the second concept of Force and Motion - Ball-O-Rama, children must place balls in the holes on the wooden board. The further back you place the ball, the more force it will have in going further. You'll hear lots of encouragement such as, "You can do it!" or "I believe in you". Watch and hear the ball pinging off the walls.

After playing with these learning games, I just had to check out the Make Believe Game. Touch an image on the top of your screen and watch it move it around in the garden. See the music book come to land on a piano which Ruby will play. Tap the bird to see it fly around. When you tap the clown, Ruby becomes a queen playing with a ball. All the colors, sounds, animations and actions are superbly suited to young children. In fact, there is never a dull minute when playing and learning with Max and Ruby!
COOL CONCLUSION: Learning science has never been so much fun as when playing and discovering new concepts with the sweet and clever bunnies, Max and Ruby, in Max & Ruby science educational games!
--Date/Version: Released 11/28/13 - Version 1.0.0
--iOS/Age Rating:  This app requires iOS 4.3 or later. Rated 4+.
--Device: Universal: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad. Optimized for iPhone 5.
--Developer: Tribal Nova / Nelvana
--Facebook: ilearnwith
--Twitter: @ilearnwith



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