January 21, 2014

Vic Mahfood

Sweet Kingdom

Developer Quote: "Welcome to Sweet Kingdom - a new logic match 3 game that will bring you to the fabulous world of a simple candy puzzle and colorful blasts sparkling brighter than gems or rubies!"

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- Categories: Arcade, Entertainment, Food, Games, Match 3, Universal

Games and candy go together like, hmmmmm - an ice-cream in a waffle cone! The one simply makes the other into heavenly perfection! You will find this dynamic duo in Sweet Kingdom, a fast paced, arcade, match 3 game that will have you craving sweetness and victory! In this game, you complete hundreds of levels in various modes to suit your desires whether it be simple, complex or highly competitive blitz mode. Win diamond and jewel collections then exchange them if you wish with other bonuses. A fun sound track, sparkling graphics and excellent instructions are yours in this iPhone match 3, candy and gems game. Here are the features that you will most definitely enjoy:

o Hundred of levels: simple, complex or even blitz levels
o Six useful bonuses that will help you in the game
o The most amazing and striking effects of explosions and bonus moves
o Lots of types of delectable candy
o Power-ups include a cool selection of tongs, mixer, server and more
o Fireworks sound tracks make your board sizzle
o Excellent on-board instructions

Sweet Kingdom will delight you with beautiful graphics, simplicity of use, but challenge galore. Open the app, and select your language of choice in which to play, along with music and sound options. Tap the question mark for an excellent set of rules and definitions. Tap Play and you're on your way to the Chocolate Mines! Right from the start, I knew this game would be my undoing. Chocolate and me? Well, we definitely agree!

To begin, a lovely chocolate confection appears and the arrow shows you where to start. Instructions pop up to explain great moves and strategies. In this case, your goal is to drop 50 of any color candies in only 10 moves. Can you do it? If you earn 3 stars, you will get a special item for your prize collection. Tap Play again and the helpful Tutorial appears. Rules are oh-so simple! Just move a candy in order to create a row or column of at least 3 similar colored pieces, and thus eliminate it. Go! Swipe and start moving your pieces around so you can match 3 candies and eliminate them!

High res graphics and glittering animations make this game sparkle! At the end of the round, you will see your new achievements on a roll-down board. I was too busy concentrating on candy to move quickly enough, and so I earned the Prudent award which means I completed a level in 10 moves. Just so you know, when you eliminate four or more candies, you'll see a bunch of power-ups such as tongs, server, and magic wand (among others) appear on your game board.

Use the tongs to move a candy next to the color you need to match. Hear firework explosions as you complete your task. When candy is taken from the board, it will make its way to the end of the screen and then fall in marked buckets which collect the bonus points. I particularly like the helpful tongs and magic wand which actually doubles the points of each item.

You can choose to Retry your last round or move on to the Next round. I earned 1 of the 3 stars required, and was on my way to a prize. The next game's goal was to drop 150 any color candies in 20 moves. Again, the helpful tutorial was displayed to explain the basis of earning more points. Onward and upward, and thinking far more quickly I continued candy eliminations.

There are several in-app purchases available with Sweet Kingdom. You may add many purchases for 99 cents each from: An Additional 10 Moves, 5 Fabulous Scoops, 5 Miraculous Spatulas to 5 Enchanting Tweezers and 5 Mad Mixers, along other choices. The brilliant colors, and clever imaginative pics of Sweet Kingdom are well worth your time, and heaven knows you certainly deserve such enticing entertainment! If you love these kinds of puzzle games, you should certainly check out Candy Booms also by Eva Studio.

COOL CONCLUSION: Multi-color candies and gems are yours for the taking in the match 3, challenging arcade iPhone app game of Sweet Kingdom!

--Date/Version: Released 12/20/13 - Version 1.0.1
--iOS/Age Rating:  This app requires iOS 4.3 or later. Rated 4+.
--Device: Universal: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad. Optimized for iPhone 5.
--Developer: LLC Eva Studio



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