March 23, 2014

Vic Mahfood

3 Refreshing Staff Picks - Uniquely Beautiful Cell Phone Cases

      As part of our total fascination with the smartphone market, we enjoy selecting and offering you cases of many devices on our site, Cool Mobile Accessories. We believe that you should dress up your phone uniquely every day. With that purpose in mind, we offer you-the mobile connoisseur-an original, eclectic line of cases!
      Today, we introduce 3 intriguing cases to help you outfit your phone in an inexpensive yet functional way. All cases may be purchased at:

(1) Title: Coffee Anyone?
- Description: Red and white hard case with slogan
- Model: iPhone 4/4S, iPhone 5/5S
- Item: 642

If you love your morning coffee, and you're proud of it, there's no better way than to say it with this polycarbonate red and white back cover which comes in two sizes to fit either your iPhone 4/4S or 5/5S. Who needs sleep anyway?

(2) Title: Delicate Ballerina in Pink Skirt
- Description: Clear case with rhinestone and crystal bling
- Model: iPhone 5/5S
- Item: 706

Women who have the rhythm of dance flowing through their veins, feel the floor move with this delicate ballerina rhinestone case for iPhone 5/5S. Soft muted colors on a clear case keep it simple yet pretty.

(3) Title: Silky Smooth Brushed Aluminum Hard Case
- Description: Elegant aluminum hard case in assorted colors
- Model: iPhone 5C
- Item: 701

Perhaps you just received a new iPhone 5C through your company. Or else, you just want your phone to stand out as bold and distinctive. In either case, brushed aluminum metallic colors puts sophistication on your device!

Grab a beautiful cell phone case today from Cool Mobile Accessories, a branch of Cool iPhone Apps offering all sorts of cases and accessories for your favorite devices. Visit us at

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