March 31, 2014

Vic Mahfood

4 Fabulous Cell Phone Cases To Dress Up Your Phone

      Cell phone cases are a thing of beauty! We enjoy selecting and offering you many choices on our site, Cool Mobile Accessories. We believe that you should dress up your phone uniquely every day. With that purpose in mind, we offer the mobile connoisseur an original, eclectic line of cases!
      Today, we introduce 4 intriguing cases to help you outfit your phone. All cases may be purchased at:

(1) Title: Samsung Galaxy S4 - Fashion Blue Denim Overalls
- Description: Cute, Soft Blue Denim Overalls
- Model: Samsung Galaxy S4
- Item: 427

Have you always loved the comfy feeling of soft, blue denim? Try it out on your phone too with our uniquely fashionable case for Samsung Galaxy S4. It's the new relaxed you!

(2) Title: iPhone 5/5S - VIP with Crown in Gold on Elegant Glossy Black Case
- Description: Black Hard Case With VIP in Gold Letters
- Model: iPhone 5/5S
- Item: 433

Simply elegant black with gold letters VIP and crown case to distinguish your iPhone 5/5S. This case certainly makes you feel like a King or Queen!

(3) Title: HTC One - Rose and Mint Floral Foliage 2-in-1 Protective Case
- Description: Brilliant Florals over Solid 2nd Layer Protective Shell
- Model: HTC One
- Item: 700

Spring is here! There is no better way to show your joy at the bounty of nature than with this beautiful floral, protective HTC One case.

(4) Title: iPod Touch 5 -Charming Old-Fashioned Analog Clock Hard Case
- Description: Retro bronze, tan and black color clock analog style
- Model: iPod Touch 5
- Item: 813

Do you enjoy a variety of watches and unusual clocks? Here's one more that's going to grace your iPod Touch 5! It is of the old-fashioned and antique variety.


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