August 13, 2014

Vic Mahfood

HipaaChat Lite

Developer Quote: "HipaaChat is text messaging, but HIPAA-compliant. Don’t wanna type? Try our Walkie-Talkie! Need telemedicine? Use our video phone. HipaaChat makes your patients safer and your staff happier."

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- Categories: Communications, Lifestyle, Medical, Messaging

Consulting colleagues quickly and securely is extremely important in the medical field. Ordinary texting is fast and easy. It's also a HIPAA-violation. Now, use HipaaChat to send quick texts, patient info, reports, images or anything else. Need to identify a situation and take action? Be in two places at once, because HipaaChat works like a videophone for telemedicine. Speedy, safe, secure & IT-approved! HIPAA-compliant security and privacy.

HipaaChat was built from the ground-up to enable you to be HIPAA-compliant. It is mapped to every HIPAA-regulation, including all Administrative, Technical and Physical Safeguards. It’s expertly encrypted and secure because it uses the same advanced algorithms as the U.S. Department of Defense.

You’ll protect your patients by giving them better, faster, more specialized care because HipaaChat allows you to instantly identify a situation, make decisions, and start orders. You’ll protect your patients from long transfers or wait times. Protect your patients from misdiagnoses, errors and frustration. Save time. And by protecting your patients and protecting their privacy, you protect your practice from liability. All from a simple app on your iPhone or iPad. Check out the following features of this secure medical messaging iPhone app:

- Texting -- gives you clarity of the order. Walkie-talkie does too, faster.
- Photos -- help identify a situation.
- Video calls -- bring immediate telemedicine consults. Video also captures any change in patient status.
- Exchange words or photos
- Send securely encrypted text and photo messages. HipaaChat anything from orders, vitals, lab reports, images, referrals, prescriptions and discharge instructions.
- Be in two places at once. No more dropping everything to run to the ER.
- HipaaChat turns any iPhone or iPad into a HIPAA-compliant videophone for telemedicine
- HipaaChat is as simple as making a phone call
- Doctors can perform video consults from anywhere to anyone
- Consult with ERs, remote hospitals, nursing homes or referring physician offices!
- Use HipaaChat for post-op “rounds” so patients can go home sooner. No more rushing to the hospital or transferring patients to “see” a specialist.

Don’t wanna type? Try our walkie-talkie!

Just hold the button, you speak, they hear you. HipaaChat’s walkie-talkie feature is even faster than texting because who wants to type all those complex medical words? And if someone needs to refer back to your voice message, they can play it over and over again.

Know when your colleagues read – or even received – your message because HipaaChat tells you. And HipaaChat shows you when someone’s in the middle of a reply, so your conversation can continue naturally. Send messages to one person or send group messages to an entire care team – along with photos and videos. When someone replies, everyone sees it.

--Date/Version: Updated 11/25/13 - Version 2.5.3
--iOS/Age Rating:  This app requires iOS 5.0 or later. Rated 4+.
--Device: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad
--Developer: Tapestry Telemed LLC



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