October 16, 2014

Vic Mahfood

Our Groceries Shopping List

Developer Quote: "OurGroceries automatically keeps your family’s grocery list up to date with the latest changes on every family member’s mobile phone, and our website."

- COST:     Free     - APP STORE STARS:     4-1/2
- Categories: Lifestyle, Lists, Organization, Productivity, Tools, Universal

Like most household shoppers, I used to keep a grocery list on the fridge. I'd tell everyone in the house when an item ran out, to write it down there. This was a handy method of never finding myself surprised by a missing ingredient again. But here was the catch... A few times on the spur of the moment, I'd stop at the store to pick up a few items because I had a little extra time, or needed a particular item for dinner. Of course, I didn't have the list handy, and no-one was at home to read it to me. Long story short - I found Our Groceries Shopping List, and realized I'd never be caught without my all important list again!

Here are the features of this itemized shopping list for iPhone and iPad:

• Take your shopping lists with you wherever you go.

• Share shopping lists amongst everyone in your household. Simply enter the same email address into each copy of the OurGroceries app.

• Add items quickly: on-the-fly completion searches prior shopping list items as you type.

• Cross items off the shopping list with a single tap.

• Create as many separate shopping lists as you wish, or keep it simple and just use one.

• Organize your items by category or aisle to make shopping faster and easier.

• Browse your favorite meal ideas anytime, anywhere.

• Add all the ingredients for a recipe to your shopping list with a single tap.

• All your items, lists, and recipes are automatically backed up onto the Internet. Upgrade, replace, or reformat your phone without worrying about losing your data.

• See and edit your lists and recipes from any desktop web browser.

• Versions available for other popular mobile phones too, in case your partner doesn't have an iPhone or iPod touch.

Our Groceries Shopping List is on my "preferred apps" list because it can be shared with others. I can write 10 items on the list, and everyone in my household can do the same. You can then see when items are crossed off as your shopping designee collects the items. Also, use this app to contain ingredients in recipes you love and use the most. You can make all sorts of lists depending on the type of store you prefer, whether groceries, hardware, furniture, bedding, you name it.

You can create categories of items within your list. Simply add items to the correct category so you can make your way easily around the store hitting each section needed. Tap to delete an item once placed in your cart, and it will simply be crossed out and placed below in a finished list. Tap it again and it will reappear back in your list, if you have deleted it in error. Our Groceries is truly a helpful app to get your shopping done efficiently.

--Date/Version: Updated 8/21/14 - Version 2.4.2
--iOS/Age Rating:  This app requires iOS 6.0 or later. Rated 4+.
--Device: Universal: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad
--Developer: HeadCode



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