November 9, 2014

Vic Mahfood

WorldCard Mobile Phone Kit With App

Developer Quote: "WorldCard Mobile Phone Kit is a smartphone stand, and also a business card holder and reader. It will automatically capture and recognize business cards with your Smart Phone. With Gmail contacts’ synchronization, you can keep in touch and manage your contacts on your iPhone, or Android phone, and your computer. And it is your ultimate tool to spend less time to manage your contacts information, more time to work with your contacts."

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Business cards are still a big part of life. When information is so digitized and mobile, it seems odd, but we seem to like the feel of a crisp card in our hands, and they remain a convenient way to give out contact information for businesses.

Whether it's your doctor's office or your favorite car dealership, you probably have a stack of business cards somewhere. But when you need the information on them, you and they usually aren't in the same place.

So you need the information on your phone. But how to get it there? Type in all that info manually? That's a pain. Use a card reader app? Yes, that works, but it's still hard to get the card lined up so it reads correctly. This is where the WorldCard Mobile Phone Kit comes into play!

For those of us who collect and store multiple business cards, this device and its companion app are super helpful. The device itself is a sleek aluminum alloy phone stand that has a perfectly positioned and adjustable card holder built in. Once set up and calibrated, all you have to do is place the business card on the card holder, then with your phone placed in its slot, the app will automatically capture and store the card. This allows you to add a whole stack of cards, one by one, taking only seconds for each!

Here are the software features of WorldCard Mobile Phone Kit:

- Capture business cards and recognize contacts’ information automatically with the customized aluminum alloy phone stand.

- Make calls, send email, plan route and connect to social networks, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

- Synchronize contacts’ information via Gmail contacts, and store them in Dropbox and iCloud.

- Manage and access your contacts on all your devices: iPhone, Android Phone, PC, and Mac.

- Provide sorting management, quick search, mail sending, Skype, print service for various kinds of labels and envelopes.

- Transfer data with Outlook, Salesforce, ACT!, and other software.

The first thing you notice when you take the device out of the box is its solid feel. It's metal, not plastic, which is nice. It also has a firmness to the adjustable card holder. Again, nice.

The instructions are a bit bare bones, and for English-speakers, a bit weak on the grammar. The device comes with a CD installation disc for syncing to your PC or Mac, but the main action is with the iOS app for your iPhone.

Setting up and calibrating your device to read your cards is fairly simple, involving only adjusting the card holder so that the business cards fit completely within the frame of your phone's camera. Once this is done, you can place cards on the stand with the dock feature selected on the app. The cards will be captured and processed automatically.

An additional feature is the ability to sync the app with your Gmail contacts so that all your captured info is available to you wherever you are. You can then sort, search, email, Skype and manipulate your newly created data in many ways!

Product Name: WorldCard Mobile Phone Kit
Product Link:
Price: $59.95

System Requirements:
- Windows 8 desktop mode/ Windows 7/ Vista/ XP
- Mac OS X v10.6.8 or later
- iOS 6 or later
- Android V. 2.3 or later
COOL CONCLUSION: If you find yourself in need of a convenient means of scanning a number of business cards into your phone or PC, WorldCard Mobile Phone Kit With App may be just the ticket for you!


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